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6 stunning ways to upgrade your home

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When it comes to creating that dream home you've always wanted, we all know that you can't just focus on your interior. Yes, a suitably modern and glamorous living room will absolutely impress your guests, but if your façade is falling a little short, the all important first impression will already be a little lacklustre. 

A good rule of thumb to to seek out a local architectural firm, to ask what kind of façade upgrades would work with the age and style of your home, as well as the area that you live in, but if you want to have a go at choosing some ideas yourself, we have a few right here for you to be inspired by. Come with us now as we show you some fantastic façade upgrade ideas for every style of home, from traditionally rustic family houses through to more modern properties.

1. Add wood cladding to your gable ends.

modern Houses by Kabaz

For country homes, you can never go wrong by tapping into a more rural aesthetic. In terms of your façade, wood cladding is absolutely a terrific idea, even if you only want to use it on your gable ends, but do think about painting it! Traditional cladding is often black, which can sound scary, but it looks amazing.

2. Dare to try a little colour.

 Balconies, verandas & terraces  by Lando Rossmaier Architekten AG
Lando Rossmaier Architekten AG

Vom japanischen Garten aus gesehen.

Lando Rossmaier Architekten AG

We are so used to seeing houses that have been finished in a very neutral colour that when a property owner goes a little crazy and experiments with a brighter or bolder colour, we are shocked. The thing is, once the shock wears off, it's actually beautiful and does offer an easy way to set a home apart from the rest of the street. This red is phenomenal.

3. Add extra windows.

This is an idea for those of you planning a real revamp of your home, so don't worry, we don;t expect you all to fall in line with this plan! If your home could use a little more interior light though, adding some extra windows will always make your façade look a little more fabulous and it's not like we still have window tax to worry about!

4. Train some climbers.

Old post office created into a luxury living space: country Houses by A1 Lofts and Extensions
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Old post office created into a luxury living space

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Have you ever stopped to admire a heritage home that is dripping in fabulous climbers? We have and that's a look we would LOVE to emulate with our own homes and the good news is that it's wonderfully simple to do just that. All you need is some fast-growing climbers, such as wisteria or ivy, some wire and a little patience!

5. A beautiful bit of landscaping goes a long way.

Here's something to definitely remember: it doesn't matter how gorgeous your home is if your front landscaping look is letting the side down. For an instant increase in kerb appeal, you should think about creating a stylish and sumptuous front garden that looks coiffed to perfection.

6. Restore your render.

Finally, if your façade has seen better days, it might be time to commit to a full re-rendering. Yes, this is a big undertaking and it won't be cheap, but the good news is that you can add pigment to render, meaning that you can change up your exterior colour and get a perfectly smooth look, all at once. This neutral grey is giving us life!

For more façade improvement ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: Time for a home façade makeover.

Which of these ideas has the potential to make your home look amazing?
Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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