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​6 ways to give your home a cosier look

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Winter is here, which means no more playing around with low temperatures and cold surfaces. But aside from switching on a heater and piling up the firewood, there are other tricks you can do in your home to ensure that it has a warmer and more comfortable look.

After all, a kitchen (or living room or bedroom) can look as cool and calm as we want it to, which means the reverse is also true! Thus, let’s take a look at a few additions to ensure you and your family are at your utmost comfortable this chilly season.

1. Play with lighting

country Living room by Alexander Krivov
Alexander Krivov

Гостиная в загородном доме

Alexander Krivov

The right lighting can change an entire room’s ambience. For example, while ‘warm lighting’ (such as warm white LEDs) gives off a cheery and welcoming presence for homes, ‘cold lighting’ (like fluorescents) is usually associated with corporate spaces. 

Be a bit creative when choosing your home’s lighting this winter, and always opt for layered lighting to ensure even more glow.

2. Seal all windows and doors

A light draft is all it takes to mess with a cosy ambience. Loose-fitting window sashes or a poor-fitting door can be fixed quickly and easily by purchasing some self-adhesive foam weather stripping. This rolled product can be easily installed at the bottom of a window or around the outside edge of the door frame. Select the smallest size that will help seal the gaps, then just peel and stick—too large and you may have difficulty closing the door etc.

3. Pick heavy drapes

classic Living room by Indes Fuggerhaus Textil GmbH
Indes Fuggerhaus Textil GmbH

Warwick Bezugsstoff, Kissen und Vorhänge

Indes Fuggerhaus Textil GmbH

Know what makes for better insulation than thin, flimsy curtains? Heavy drapes with thick textures and fabrics, which adds a layered, cosy look to any room. 

Even though any colours can do, we suggest going with fire tones like reds and oranges to enhance the feeling of warmth.

4. Place some rugs

 Walls & flooring by Connox

Hay—Colour Carpet


There’s nothing worse than a cold floor in winter, which means opting for some thick rugs and carpets to cover those tiled- and wooden floors in your home. Trust us when we say that they can go a long way to keeping your interiors nice and comfy!

5. Lots of textiles

While you’re busy with curtains and rugs, layer up some more textiles in the form of blankets and throws on sofas, scatter cushions on beds, tablecloths for the dining room and kitchen, etc.

6. Sources of heat

Think practical about winter: it’s cold outside, which means you need to warm yourself up inside. And for that we suggest the usual, no-brainer elements like fireplaces, heaters, etc. 

For social spaces like dining rooms and living rooms during the day, opt for a temperature reading between 21° to 23°C. And don’t go below 23°C for the bathroom, where we tend to require a bit more heat in winter. 

More tips and tricks coming your way – see How to keep your house warm: Simple hacks.

What other tips do you have to ensure a warmer, cosier home?
Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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