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​Kitchen setup: what do you need?

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So, you’ve just moved into your new home/apartment and you’re busy sorting it out to add both style and functionality to your space. How do you approach your kitchen?

And here we ask that you forget about those ‘want’ elements like coffee grinders, pizza cutters, smoothie makers and what not, and instead focus on the ‘need’ factors. 

Remember that it needs to be functional (it is, after all, where you will be cooking a myriad of dishes for both yourself and guests), practical and welcoming, seeing as the modern-day kitchen is known as one of the prime socialising spaces in any home. 

So, what does our kitchen for the modern-day man (and woman) require?

1. The appropriate appliances

It’s rather simple: the ones you use regularly (like your microwave, kettle, stove, fridge) need to be on display and within easy reach; save the ones you only take out for special occasions (like your ice-cream maker) behind closed cabinetry doors.

2. Cookware

Le Mans Pull Out Storage Urban Myth KitchenStorage
Urban Myth

Le Mans Pull Out Storage

Urban Myth

Cookware is also stored in cabinets to avoid a cluttered look, but these need to be reached quickly and easily to make the task of cooking (and baking and whisking and stirring and steaming… ) more effective.

3. A spice rack

Surrey kitchen Lewis Alderson KitchenCabinets & shelves
Lewis Alderson

Surrey kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Yes, this one is vital, and we’ll tell you why: spice racks not only add to a kitchen’s functionality by keeping your collection of spices at hand, but also enhance the look and appeal of a kitchen. A spice rack with neatly packed spices speak of a kitchen that’s enjoyed, yet also respected. 

Let this attitude filter through to other elements (like groceries), and pretty soon you’ll be enjoying a permanently neat kitchen.

4. The right knives

The right tools can get the job done much more successfully, and this is also true when it comes to kitchen knives. And with a myriad of options to choose from (utility knife, paring knife, bread knife, butcher knife… ), nobody will blame you for not wanting to keep them all on display on that countertop – save that knife block for the regularly used ones, and store the others out of sight in an easy-to-reach drawer.

5. The appropriate accessories

Furniture & Accessories schaut-her-und-mehr KitchenCabinets & shelves

Furniture & Accessories


Décor and design is part of the entire house, and the kitchen is no exception. If your bedroom can flaunt your personal style via a headboard and bedside tables, why not your kitchen? 

Show off your style via floating shelves with keepsakes, wall art, crockery, elegant dishes (for dinner parties), vintage tea cups, etc. Just keep moderation in mind to avoid a cluttered space.

6. Aprons, kitchen towels, potholders, wall hooks, etc.

These are the elements that aid in our kitchen tasks by protecting us from spills and splatters, making that wiping chore more successful, keeping our elements neat, etc. Thus, it encompasses a wide range of different factors, and the ones you’ll include in your kitchen will depend on personal taste, the design of your kitchen, and what it’s used for (some use theirs far more for cooking and experimenting with recipes than others).

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