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7 ways to reduce your electricity bills

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Now that the cold snap has hit in the UK, we are all starting to worry about our electricity bills going through the roof, as we turn the thermostat dials up and try to hunker down. We don't want you panicking though, as there are some fantastically common sense ways that you can reduce your usage in other areas, so as to maintain a firm grip on your household budget! Of course, you can ask your friendly neighbourhood heating expert for some cost reduction tips, but before you do, we recommend that you read this article and see what you can do do make a dent in those bills today. 

1. Add skylights for more natural illumination.

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Not only are skylights incredible when you want to create a more contemporary living room vibe, they are also a genius way to get more light into your home, without flicking the lights on in the early afternoon. We don;t think you need to limit your skylight placements though, as they work beautifully in ANY room. 

2. Paint with bright colours to reflect light.

It's not just fancy-shmancy London-based interior designers that are massive fans of all-white interiors, as anyone looking to use a little less electricity should love the look too! Naturally capturing sunlight and bouncing it around, a white interior will let you really stretch out how much time you can go without the lights on. 

3. Fill the fridge and make it more effective.

Did you know that a well-stocked fridge is far more efficient than a fairly empty one? It makes sense when you think about it, as there will be more area that needs to be filled with cold air, so always try to pack your fridge a little better. This goes for freezers too, which are very electricity-costly.

4. Control your use of the stove.

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This is a tip that can be applied in the warmer months, for an average saving over the whole year. If you look to use your stove a lot less in summer, focussing instead on things such as salads, you can then enjoy a much lower electricity bill, over the course of 12 months. This is what people with Aga stoves actually do, as they are expensive to run, so the appliances are actually switched off during the summer months. Clever, no?

5. Washing machines should be used sparingly.

If you have a big family, your washing schedule is probably a daily concern, so it would definitely be worth looking into the possibility of buying an A+++ energy rated machine. If you benefit from a lower electricity tariff at night, look for a model of washing machine that can be delayed to run at the best time for you and the savings will be VERY significant. As a quick side note here, you should already know that tumble dryers are a HUGE waste of energy, so try to hang your wet clothes on airers and keep them in a warm room to dry for free!

6. Air conditioning should be seen as a luxury.

Not tat you'll be using air conditioning in winter, but if you have a tendency to go wild with it when the weather is hot, you should try to reign that in. By opening windows and trying out more natural ventilation options, you could save a lot of money over the course of a summer. Those savings will come in so handy when you need to turn on the heating.

7. Don't leave anything on standby.

Finally, we are all so accustomed to leaving electricals on standby that we think nothing of it, but electricity costs are racking up every time we do it. It takes one second to just flick a switch at the wall, but it's a great habit to get into. The only things that should be switched on at night, really, should be your fridge and freezer and any appliances that have been programmed to run on a cheaper electricity tariff.

For more energy-saving tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 19 easy ways to save energy (and money) this winter.

Are you looking to lower your electricity bills this year?
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