Functional-Folding Doors

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Doors act as a functional tool. They give us privacy and they act as a divider between rooms. They come in a vast variety of forms, made with different materials and in lots of colours. They do not just serve these basic functions, but they can have style too.

Doors can be made from many materials and allow for light to filter through into any internal space. They also fold away into each other and provide space-saving solutions for those hard to design interiors, whilst still looking good. Here are a few examples to show you how flexible and stylish, folding doors can be for your home. 

Bi fold

These days it is incredibly common to have interior doors that lead to the outside, so they double as internal and external spaces. These doors help to transform and enlarge spaces. In this example, the floors—both inside and out—meet perfectly and create a large and flowing internal-external space. The way the doors fold away, give off the impression that the house is bigger than expected. Designed by Rococo, this example is perfect for enlarging those smaller outdoor courtyards and to bring light into the internal home spaces. 

Warm in wood

Side extension build in timber frame Affleck Property Services Modern houses
Affleck Property Services

Side extension build in timber frame

Affleck Property Services

These folding doors act as a double door in the respect that they are functional both from the inside and out. When needed they can be closed to keep out the elements and opened to allow for the smaller interior to feel larger. They are unique because they don't take the function of just a front or back door, but rather versatile according to what space the owners are after. Flexibility and versatile this example is a great dining room option for those smaller spaces.

Try tri-fold

What about tri-fold? The main difference between these doors and bi folding, is simply, that they fold into a more compact design. The beauty of any folding door is that it saves space. Once more these lead to the outside, but offer that clever design that means they look like an internal door. They are double glazed and are perfect for keeping heat in and cold out.

Fold or pivot?

Folding doors absolutely have their benefits. They save space and are incredibly well designed. But how about something a little different? These doors are stunning, made from solid wood and open on more of a pivot than a fold. Yet we can see from this open door that they still don't take up a lot of room, whilst still looking stunning both inside and outside the home.

Big and beautiful

These doors are big and bold. We love the sun streaming into this room and you can imagine sitting here and just relaxing in that large sun spot. These doors lead to the outside, creating that larger living area. They open right up and create so much extra space, whilst still acting as a divider when it is needed.

Small folds

Oakhill Court, Putney Ardesia Design Rustic style windows & doors
Ardesia Design

Oakhill Court, Putney

Ardesia Design

Sometimes space is very tight. We may add a door where a door was never there before and this image is a lovely example of this. These doors are incredibly slim and the white helps create a sense of space. These doors separate in the middle and fold back on themselves. This split, rather than one solid door, gives more sense of space too because of the small size of each half of the door. A whole door would take up a lot of wall space when open, this design takes that away creating a lovely look.

Double doors

These doors are beautiful. Wood offers a really warm feel in any room. These match the floor, which again creates a homely and warm feeling. The doors act as a divide from one space to the next, They fold open, one on each side and can be open to allow the space to flow, or closed to create two separate spaces. The curtains also give some extra privacy if needed. The glass in the doors will certainly help let light go from one room to the next too.

Simple and effective

A simple and effective sliding and folding door can turn any dull unused space into a unique and interactive area. The slatted design allows light to flow through whilst still protecting the room. When closed the opaque covering gives off a slightly oriental feel. Sliding into themselves completely, this is a space saver solution for those hard to design small internal/external rooms.

Kitchen Development with Bi Folding Doors homify Modern windows & doors

Kitchen Development with Bi Folding Doors


Here we have a very modern and minimalist design, these doors fold right back and just literally let the space all become one. The black door frames match the kitchen perfectly and are a good contrast to the light floor. The black and white in this room doesn't feel like a bad combination, given the level of space there is available. The black actually helps to make the space feel bigger and better.

Create space

Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors homify Modern conservatory

Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors


In this image we can see that these doors are very functional. The fold away very conveniently to create even more space. They are both modern and stylish, using aluminium as their medium, making them light and durable. They will act as an excellent barrier to the elements when the weather is unfavourable and still allow you to feel that you can be part of it from the warmth of your own home. Folding doors are certainly something that is worth a little bit of consideration.

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