10 absolute bathroom must-haves!

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Before we get started, we want to give a disclaimer that we're not for one second suggesting that all of these ideas need to be included in ONE bathroom. Naturally, they won't all work together, so it's more a case of picking and choosing the elements that will work best with the style of space that your UK-based bathroom designer has professionally crafted for you. Think of these tips as a little extra guidance, rather than a prescriptive list for how to formulate the perfect bathroom! Ok, with that out of the way, we should acknowledge that everyone searches high and low for enough modern bathroom inspiration, but we think we've got it all, right here, so come on in and let's take a look!

1. Natural light.

You don't need to be a part of a team of window fitters to know how important enough glazing is in a bathroom! A good flow of natural light will really keep the space looking fresh and feeling well ventilated, plus, if your bathroom is small, a lot of light will create the illusion of a larger area. 

2. Cool concrete.

Industrial bathroom designs are exploding right now, in terms of how popular they are! Great for heritage buildings and new builds alike, they really lend a note of understated yet daring style and the masculine tones seem to really appeal as well. We can't get enough of polished concrete shower walls. What a cost-effective but beautiful idea!

3. Colour in a family space.

Family bathrooms always need a little more specialist design touches, so that the room appeals to kids and makes them get into the habit of washing and cleaning their teeth regularly. That's why a lot of bright colours are often used; to create a sense of vibrant and zingy fun! 

4. Tactile textures.

Bathrooms can use a little texture here and there, to prevent a sterile feeling from creeping in, so while fluffy towels will work wonders, why not think about some tiles that you want to reach out and touch, while you take a shower? It's subtle nuances like texture that really do set a space apart.

5. Subdued lighting.

Natural lighting is one thing, but when you shower at the end of the day or soak in a relaxing tub, you need some softer illumination that will help you to unwind, not a glaring beam of electric light! A dimmer switch is a great idea for your main lights, but we also like backlit mirrors and, when you're in the mood for a real treat, some candles!

6. An easy flow between installations.

It doesn't matter if you have a gargantuan bathroom or a more modestly proportioned one, as the flow of the space will need be perfected regardless. When we talk about flow, we are referring to the way each practical installation leads to the next, so you'll need enough room between the shower, bath and toilet, for example. Nobody likes a cramped space.

7. Easy to clean floors.

When you think about everything your bathroom floor will go through, it makes perfect sense that it will need to be easy to clean. Back in the day, cork tiles were a popular choice, but anything absorbent or adversely affected by water needs to be a big no-no, so we always recommend stylish ceramic tiles. 

8. Extensive storage.

There are a lot of things that need to be safely stowed away in your bathroom, and not always in full view, so storage is a must! Whether you opt for a sleek vanity unit under your sink, some inset shower shelves or a mirrored wall cabinet, you'll get all the storage you need without ever compromising on style.

9. Modern heating solutions.

Nobody wants to reach out and gran a handful of damp, soggy towels, which is why a heated towel rail, these days, is considered a must-have bathroom item. Mounted in place of a standard or old fashioned radiator, these terrific plumbing items really are worth their weight in gold! They look great too.

10. Vanity mirrors.

To finish up, we all know that no bathroom is complete without at least one mirror! What else do you look at, while you clean your teeth, other than your own face, with toothpaste running down it? Usually mounted above a sink, mirrors help to reflect light around the space as well, so they are are a necessity!

To maintain your newly perfected bathroom, check out this Ideabook: Easy bathroom cleaning tips.

Which of these ideas are you going to commit to?

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