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We really do love oak. It is a wood that has served humans for centuries and has been used in making furniture for decades. It has lovely distinctive colours and grains, not to mention it is extremely strong and flexible, making it the perfect choice of wood to use in a cabinet.

A cabinet can be used for anything and everything. From storing your CDs to your beloved family photos, units can be large or small. We have selected ten different oak cabinets for you to look at.

An upholstered affair

Wilfred upholstered fabric and oak filing cabinet Suzy Newton Ltd. Study/officeAccessories & decoration
Suzy Newton Ltd.

Wilfred upholstered fabric and oak filing cabinet

Suzy Newton Ltd.

Designed by Suzy Newton, who makes a variety of bespoke furniture, we loved this very distinctive looking oak Wilfred filing cabinet. It stands out and looks utterly different. Upholstered in a fabric from Linwood, it isn't something you would expect. The lettering is pewter and is reflective in the light. With two drawers there is ample storage for files or anything else you like. It is solid oak, so the wood will last for years.

A small cabinet

Carefully crafted solid Sherwood Oak DVD/CD Cabinet With 3 Shelves - 3 Shelves homify Living roomShelves

Carefully crafted solid Sherwood Oak DVD/CD Cabinet With 3 Shelves—3 Shelves


In a digital age, we all have digital books and music in digital format. That isn't to say that there are those of us who still have CDs and books though. And we need somewhere to store these beloved items. This small, four shelved unit is made of Sherwood oak and offers the perfect amount of storage for a small collection. It is 94.2 cm in height and 33cm wide, making it really the perfect DVD or CD cabinet.

Shabby oak

Not so much of the shabby and more of the chic. We love the powder blue of this vintage oak cabinet. It has been up-cycled and looks beautiful. The shape of the legs and the detail on the drawers is something to look at. The areas of wood left exposed give a glimpse of the cabinet as it once was. It is a one off piece, as with any of these, making it truly unique. Restoration at it's best. We think this oak cabinet would look stunning in anyliving room.

Up-cycling is back

We love this bookcase. It has been given a new lease of life and restored in a dark grey and lime design. Made from solid oak and dating to the early 20th century, it has a real sense of history to it. It has been hand painted and restored, and we think you can feel the love that was put into it. It is vintage but the colours are much more contemporary, giving it a real edge. It would go in either a traditional or more modern room and be an excellent place to store your books.

Cubist Oak

Cubist Credenza 13 Turner Furniture HouseholdStorage
Turner Furniture

Cubist Credenza 13

Turner Furniture

This Scottish cabinet looks stunning. The cubist design in the oak looks bright and colourful. It has been achieved through veneers and parquetry techniques. Every piece is unique because the pattern varies each and every time. The cabinet has two doors and plenty of storage inside, as well as on top for additional items. The cabinet is made from a mixture of oak and walnut.

A more traditional look

Stackable Bookcase, 5 Book Shelves Finoak LTD Study/officeCupboards & shelving
Finoak LTD

Stackable Bookcase, 5 Book Shelves

Finoak LTD

This oak bookcase could sit perfectly in any living room or office, depending on what we need it for. It has a more traditional feel to it and the colour is beautiful. The lattice work on the shelves allows light to move through the piece. Because it is oak, it is strong and durable and will certainly be something that lasts for decades.

Built in

white oak build-in book shelves & desk, woodstylelondon woodstylelondon Study/officeCupboards & shelving

white oak build-in book shelves & desk


This cabinet has been built in to the space that was available. We like this design because it genuinely offers a lot of storage. Each cabinet is made to measure and the deep shelves are perfect for anything from clothes to books. The desk is a lovely addition too and the wood speaks for itself. We know this is going to be a piece that  will be very well used.

A side of beautiful

Victorian Cottage dining room, Bandon Interior Design Bandon Interior Design Country style dining room
Bandon Interior Design

Victorian Cottage dining room

Bandon Interior Design

This beautiful oak sideboard is the sort of cabinet that would be lovely in any traditional country kitchen. It has been made very homely looking with the addition of the owners personal items. The wood looks worn and well loved, which only goes to add to it's appeal rather than detracting from it. We love that it can store everything from cookbooks to glasses and a lot more.

One for the younger family members

Bretagne Oak Nursery Furniture Set Adorable Tots Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs
Adorable Tots

Bretagne Oak Nursery Furniture Set

Adorable Tots

Oak can used in the kitchen, the hall and even the nursery. These oak cabinets are part of a set that is for a nursery and it looks beautiful. The colour of the wood means it will match any colour of nursery that it encounters. The style is minimalist and it is a lovely soft wood, perfect for babies. The neutral tones do make it the ideal choice for this sort of furniture.

And finally, the bathroom cabinet

Oak Built-in Cupboard Hout Design Colonial style bathroom
Hout Design

Oak Built-in Cupboard

Hout Design

We love the dark shades on this oak cabinet. Usually bathrooms are limited for space, but if they are not, then a cabinet of this size would be wonderful. We love the size and the storage that it offers. There is something rather traditional about it, as it sits under that window. We feel it could sit in a more modern bathroom, but the traditional feel would still be present. The wood on top offers a softer colour. We feel whatever your storage options are, oak cabinets are well worth some consideration.

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