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Corner sink ideas for kitchens

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Kitchens are the hub of many homes, making them a central space. In small town houses, space can be at a premium, so anything that helps make more space is very welcomed.

One idea for this is to put the sink in the corner out of the way. Corner kitchen sinks are not very common, but placing a sink in the corner isn't hard to do. With a little bit of creative planning, a normal kitchen sink can be moved to a non central position to utilise a corner that may not have been used otherwise. We have put together a selection of sinks that we feel would look great in a corner.

Tight spaces

Small flats in London are quite common and space is incredibly tight a lot of the time, so making the most of every space is a must. This flat designed by Temza in Marlybone is a testament to that. Everyone would love a view whilst doing the washing up, which is why sinks are often placed under a window. But if that window is in a corner, it can be a problem. This isn't the case here. Sinks can be bought in a variety of sizes and shapes, and this one fits perfectly here. With straight and modern edges, it goes well with the rest of the flat and makes the most of the views.

A different sort of corner

White Kitchen Units With Orange Accents Rebecca Coulby Interiors KitchenSinks & taps
Rebecca Coulby Interiors

White Kitchen Units With Orange Accents

Rebecca Coulby Interiors

Not every kitchen is tight on space, but a corner sink is still coveted as part of the design. This sink is lovely and sits in the central island. It isn't where we would except to find it at all, which makes it all the more unique. Why take up more space by placing it centrally when it can take up less room sitting in a corner? The stainless steel goes with the hood of the oven and the modern looking pendant lights. Small touches like this tie the design together.

A curved corner

This high gloss kitchen is stunning. All the edges have been rounded giving the kitchen a very soft look. The wooden worktops and stools add warmth to the look of the room too. The sink is verging on becoming a corner sink and is slightly off centre from the island, giving the appearance of it looking more like it is in the corner. It could easily have been moved further up to be a true corner sink, but it looks well placed where it is.

Space saver

Rather than put the sink on the island, this design has gone for the corner. It helps create more worktop space and makes the kitchen feel very open. The window is too low here for a sink to be under it, so placing it in the corner closest to it, makes perfect sense. The lovely powder blue of this kitchen is something we really like, and the window floods it with light.

A true corner

Once more this sink was placed here probably due to necessity. It makes excellent use of a corner that would otherwise not have been used. A small sink, with modern taps really helps bring everything together. It makes the sink look good, as well as be functional.

Another survey corner

We love this kitchen. All of the wood is warm and natural looking. The curves make corners unavoidable, but beautiful. It makes placing the sink on a corner inevitable and it looks stunning. The stainless steel sink mixed with the wood gives a modern, yet homely feel too. It is a double sink, making washing dishes much easier and less of a chore.

A modern take

This kitchen is very modern. It also has a lot of space, but the design has taken into account that space is still better served with the sink in the corner. The joy of being able to buy a circular, square or rectangular sinks means they can fit anywhere. These shapes allow them to fit into tight spaces and leave the rest of the worktops free for other household appliances or for those who prefer a minimalist approach.

Galley style

In this kitchen we can see that it is very much a space saving kitchen. It is a little like a galley kitchen, but very one sided. This lack of space is the perfect choice for a corner sink. The kitchen is modern and in classic black and white, which also helps create a sense of space. The sink has to be in the corner here because the worktop is needed either side of the cooker.


We love this splash back! This kitchen is curvy and modern. We love the shape of the half moon mirrored splash back that helps create a great sense of space by reflecting light. The sink is well placed in the corner here because there really is no better place for it. And you still get to watch what is going on behind you when you wash up. It isn't quite a window, but it is a clever choice.

A sink on a corner

Here we can see this sink is literally on a corner. Not like the curved corner above, but a sharp edged corner. It really does prove that any space is capable of having a sink if the plumbing allows. This is an odd shaped kitchen, but the sink is well placed to maximise the space. Unlike the others it is white and blends seamlessly with the worktops. Whatever the spirit of your home we think you can design it anyway you like, and we hope we have shown that sinks are very much a moveable item.

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