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10 gorgeous bathroom sink units

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Sikora Wnetrza Eclectic style bathroom
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A bathroom sink unit can come in so many styles, colours, shapes and sizes. There really is no end to the design ideas for such an important piece in a bathroom. Why stick with ordinary? A bathroom sink unit is a great opportunity to showcase style and personality. The piece can easily become the focal point of the bathroom, a piece of art itself, and the string that ties in the whole look of the bathroom together. These bathroom sink units are gorgeous pieces of design that will add tremendous style in any bathroom.

Minimalist chic

Laurelhurst Carriage House PATH Architecture Modern bathroom
PATH Architecture

Laurelhurst Carriage House

PATH Architecture

This bathroom sink unit has a light, airy and zen feel to it. It is a small unit that doesn't take up much space, perfect for those working with a smaller space who still want a fabulous bathroom. The sink is a white porcelain that is square in shape and not too deep. This sits atop a light wood table unit, a wood that matches the walls and drawers of the bathroom. The white porcelain with this light wood colour looks clean and fresh. The wood of the unit has hints of other shades, which makes it more interesting while giving it that zen feel. 

Grand marble

West London house Viewport Studio Modern bathroom
Viewport Studio

West London house

Viewport Studio

Working with marble? No need to be modest about it, go all the way with this high end material as the designer did in this bathroom. The bathroom sink unit features two sinks in a marble top. The marble is a beautiful white and grey colour, the same marble seen throughout the bathroom. The top of the sink unit sits on a dark wood piece that breaks up the marble nicely, and also goes well with the colours. This bathroom sink unit looks grand and high end, finishing off the regal look of the entire bathroom.

Single bowl

This bathroom sink unit is ultra chic and modern, another good design for the minimalist The sink has a deep bowl shape, a very hip and modern design. This bowl then rests atop a long table unit. The table is made of a medium colour wood, with hints of other shades, adding great texture to the unit. The faucet sits stop the wood, and is a tall, silver metal piece. The in mirror lights highlight the sink unit even more, creating a beautiful and modern look.

Regal excellence

This bathroom design is very regal and elegant and the bathroom sink unit definetly adds to this. The double sinks are set in white and are two small oval shapes. The unit itself is made of a rich wood, with many drawers and cabinets. They are perfect for storage yet also it adds design value. The drawers and doors of the unit create a look that is regal and grand. It is a large, sturdy unit that goes well with the claw foot rub, chandelier, and other elegant items of this bathroom.

Monochrome elegance

This bathroom looks like it belongs in a five star hotel, or a grand mansion. The bathroom sink unit is the center piece of the entire room, extremely eye catching and high in elegant design. The unit is a dark wood that is trimmed in gold, two colours that look very rich and elegant together. The unit has small claw feet, which adds even more to the high end design. The double sinks are set in white marble, which looks rich and also brightens up the space. The white and black colour continues throughout the bathroom for a grand monochrome elegance look.

Eclectic pattern

Sinks don't always have to be a solid colour. Introduce a sink with a pattern to create a look that will be unforgettable. This bathroom sink unit does just that. The unit features a deep brown unit that has great storage space. The double sinks are shaped as a bowl, which brings in modern style. But it is the pattern of the sinks that makes them truly unique and eclectic. Both sinks have a very eye catching, intricate pattern using black and white. The sinks are unique and add a great touch of personality to the room.

Pop of white

This bathroom is full of pattern and intricate mosaic design. The bathroom sink unit here is a perfect break from this pattern, ensuring the room doesn't look too busy while adding a hip and modern design element. The unit floats from the wall and is shaped like small boxes, outlined in black with white fronts. Two sinks rest atop of the unit. The sinks are bowl shaped and are a solid white. The white colour of this bathroom sink unit really stands out against the pattern of the rest of the room and it's modern style and shape looks hip. This is the perfect bathroom sink unit for a bathroom high in unique pattern design.

Box it out

The Hawthorns, Wellington OHA Architecture Modern bathroom
OHA Architecture

The Hawthorns, Wellington

OHA Architecture

Sinks can come in any shape, they don't always have to be round, as seen with this bathroom sink unit. The double sinks are square in shape and sit atop the table unit. The top of the table is a sandy colour, and beneath that it continues with a dark wood coloured drawer unit. The three colours add style to the bathroom, making it more fun and full of style. The sinks look modern and create a really welcoming bathroom look.

Textured wood

Redston Road, N8 XUL Architecture Eclectic style bathroom
XUL Architecture

Redston Road, N8

XUL Architecture

This bathroom sink unit is made unique by the gorgeous texture of the wood. The wood of the unit is a dark brown that is distressed and has peeks of turquoise colour. This adds a great pop of colour into the bathroom that is otherwise created with neutral colours. The double sinks are two white bowls, with curved silver faucets for each. Overall, this bathroom sink unit adds a great textured design and hint of colour to this bathroom.

Fun shape

This bathroom sink unit is both elegant and very unique. The ink is a shallow, curved shape which is very different. The sink sits atop a unit that looks like a table with two legs. The table has a very elegant design with its curved legs and deep wood colour. This unit combines modern style with grand elegance, and looks great with the rest of the finishes of this bathroom.

Which was your favourite bathroom sink unit?

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