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Originelle bunte Fliesen aus Mexiko für die Küche, Mexambiente e.K. Mexambiente e.K. Eclectic style kitchen Tiles Multicolored
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For many, and with good reason, the kitchen is the most important room of the home. Cooking with friends and family is not only fun but also strengthens social bonds whilst putting fresh and tasty delicacies on the table. 

A kitchen cannot foster these social relationships if it’s not visually pleasing and reflective of individual style. Usually, when creating an attractive kitchen décor, emphasis is given to the cabinets, island, worktops and floor. However, to create a coherent décor, wall design should also play its part.

There are myriad options that can make your kitchen walls a visual treat and we understand that just thinking about it, never mind looking at everything, is enough to give some people a headache. So in this article we're going to introduce you to 6 wall designs that would spice up any kitchen!

Take notes and, as always be inspired!


Wood is a beautiful material that can be used on walls to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. It's also a sustainable interior design option that increases the quality of life in any home. Various modern processing techniques means a large variety of wooden surface textures are available these days, ranging from rustic to smooth and shiny. 

Of course, wooden surfaces also come in a wide variety of colours, meaning it's possible to make them work with any interior décor. If you opt for wooden wall panels you should adapt the material to the space and circumstances. For example, consider any pre-existing wooden surfaces in the kitchen, such as wooden doors, floors and furniture, which should be sympathetically matched.


From modern industrial lofts to romantic country houses, stone walls are not only trendy but also offer enormous diversity, which means they can be adapted to any interior design.  

Whether naturally mounted or coated, stone walls are an eye-catching feature in any room. As a kitchen wall they can contrast or stylistically match the décor; either way, you'll achieve a warm ambience.

You can create a Mediterranean feel with sandstone, use dark coloured stones or even go for an authentic exposed brick wall. Whatever your choice, stone walls are a stunning option!

Colorful tiles

If you want to integrate a bid of colour into your kitchen then consider beautifying the walls behind the counter tops with some bold tiles. Traditional tiles from Mexico or Morocco dazzle with vibrant colours and patterns, which will certainly spice things up!

Take for example the image shown above, where the beautiful country kitchen décor is enhanced by the colourful Mexican tiles. When combined with wooden worktops and white cabinets, they exude sophistication and elegance.

Of course, depending on your particular sense of style, the pattern on the tiles can be uniform or abstract. You might like to check out trusted suppliers of high-quality tile, who provide unique hand-painted products that are perfect for something bespoke.

Blackboard paint

Another unique wall design is blackboard paint, which stopped being a product only found in school classrooms a long time ago. Many rooms, such as kitchens and entrance halls, now benefit from this interesting wall design, giving the opportunity to make fun notes, to do lists and artistic statements.

Blackboard paint is especially charming in the kitchen as it enables you to write down recipes, shopping lists or welcoming notes for all to see, whilst giving your kitchen some personality that can be changed with a simple swipe.

Colour accents

Kitchen walls with a splash of colour are a great idea! Why not introduce some fun into one of our most used rooms? It doesn't have to be all white and wood.

With this in mind, your options are essentially limitless. You could go lime green, sunshine yellow or plum, such as in the image seen above, by Orterfinder. The interplay between the purple wall, rustic wooden furniture and bright white cabinets works brilliantly, achieving a refined, modernity aesthetic.

If you have an open plan kitchen design you can use a coloured splash-back to create uniformity between the areas. Try, for example, matching the colour of the splashback with the sofa cushions, candles or rug.


Finally, one of the most versatile options for wall design is glass. You can customise the surface with beautiful pictures and colours or with a simple frosted finish.

If you are amateur photographer glass kitchen walls gives you an amazing opportunity to creatively display your photos as part of your interior décor. A glass panel kitchen wall is a practical option when you want creative freedom in designing the kitchen of your dreams.

Let's turn up the heat with some: Treasure Islands For Your Kitchen.

What is your dream kitchen wall design? Let us know in the comments!

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