modern Bedroom by MARIANGEL COGHLAN

​6 things in your home that speak of your personality

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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It’s quite impossible to get to know the true character of someone by just looking at them (unless you’re psychic, of course). However, there are a few elements scattered about your home that tell much more about you as a person than you might think.

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1. The colour of your front door

Your main entrance is the face of your house, which means every single person to enter will see it. And according to colour psychology, a red front door links up with someone who’s not afraid to express their values, beliefs and opinions. 

Blue is reserved for the more calm and reserved among us, while green is opted for by people who still believe in traditional ways and values. 

And if your front door is black? Then you are conservative and consistent in your ways.

2. What does your sock drawer look like?

Painstakingly neat? Expertly organised? Well, then you may very well be a perfectionist who’s focused on the much smaller things in life—they’re just socks, after all!

3. Is your bed made?

modern Bedroom by MARIANGEL COGHLAN

If you’re one of those who make their bed every morning, it denotes that you’re a highly organised individual who quite possibly also deems exercising as important. Oh, and that you’re happier than others (a clean and neat bedroom changes one’s mood for the better).

4. Storage space in your closet or under your bed?

country Dressing room by CABINET Schranksysteme AG
CABINET Schranksysteme AG

​Begehbarer Kleiderschrank

CABINET Schranksysteme AG

It means you value neatness and that you tend to control your surrounding environment.

5. Are there motivational posters on your walls?

 Artwork by JUNIQE

Manifesto Poster


Printed posters with beautiful words? Wall decals of motivational quotes? These are signs that you’re easily stressed and are continuously seeking ways to overcome anxiety and make your environment more peaceful.

6. How often do you clean out your closet?

eclectic Dressing room by Münchner home staging Agentur GESCHKA
Münchner home staging Agentur GESCHKA

home staging Projekt—Inszenierung Ankleideraum—Kleiderleuchte

Münchner home staging Agentur GESCHKA

If you’re clinging on to older clothes that are no longer worn or no longer fit, it symbolises that you’re stuck in the past. That can be a good thing if those clothing accessories bring good memories that you want to hold on to. However, if they remind you of unhappy times or add to a cluttered look, then better treat yourself to a decent spring cleaning!

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