​10 Victorian-style living rooms to charm you

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Personal taste aside, nobody can deny that the Victorian interior style is unforgettable. Tufted fabrics, gold-finished surfaces, swirls and curls decorating furniture edges… And even though those overly decorated pieces might seem a bit too much for some (especially if you’re more prone to modern-style furniture and décor pieces), we do admit that the Victorian (and Rococo and Baroque) style does manage to make us stop and stare in wonder.

Istanbul-based experts Luxury Furniture are in charge of these 10 eye-catching living rooms. Let’s get inspired…

1. If a wall or décor item can serve as a focal piece in a room, then surely you can command a sofa to strike a pose with a striking colour.

modern Living room by LUXURY FURNITURE

Behramkale Living Room


2. Gold-finished coffee tables and sofas might seem like overkill to some, but for this living room they add the perfect touch of lavishness.

3. Floral-themed wallpaper to go with your Victorian style? Why ever not?

4. See how beautiful soft neutrals of whites and creams co-exist with those stunning golden surfaces?

5. Of course if you want to be a bit daring with your colour scheme, allow this charcoal-hued space to inspire you.

6. We love the idea of including layered fabrics, especially with drapes and scatter cushions, to add a bit more decadence.

7. Cool blues and natural greens serve as the perfect backdrops for these monochrome-coloured furnishings.

8. Nothing like a bit of colour contrast to make your scatter cushions (and sofas and wall art) come to life.

9. Don’t forget to bring in layered lighting via wall sconces, floor lamps and (of course) an eye-catching chandelier.

10. Tufted fabrics and wallpaper to make your walls seem more sumptuous? We approve!

Want more lavishness? Treat yourself to these 10 Victorian-style bedrooms to inspire your inner Elizabeth.

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