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CG VOGEL ARCHITEKTEN Classic style bathroom
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Feature walls can be used in any room of the house: living areas, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, kids' rooms, and the list goes on. Feature walls don't seem to have been getting much coverage over the past year, but they continue to inject colour and atmosphere into any room regardless. Whether your feature wall is a textured—perhaps making use of slates or exposed brick—or simply painted one colour, it's guaranteed to really bring life to the room.

That's another beautiful thing about feature walls: they can be almost anything, any colour or any material. They can be one block colour, multiple panels of colour, an unusual mural for the kids' room or exposed materials. Simply find the right colour and material to fit the atmosphere you desire and you'll instantly have a much more interesting and stylish space. 


Exposed brick has been hugely popular this year, with the industrial style theme revolutionising our homes, cafes and businesses. This slightly different take on exposed bricks brings along a more homely, country style feel. The bricks vary in tones of greys, altering in shapes and sizes so each brick is unique. Here it serves both practically and aesthetically, giving the room a beautiful focal point but also effectively creating a partitioning wall between staircase and dining area. 

Map it out

This children's bedroom is one we all wish had been ours. The feature wall is something really special; one that your child will remember all through his or her adult years. A huge map of the world eclipses the wall, creating a truly unique feature wall. Your child can spend his/her nights gazing up onto the map, dreaming of all the places in the world to visit. This feature wall is really a remarkable thing to give to your child. 

Calming wood

This feature wall is absolutely inspired. The long strip of grainy wood rises up the wall, eventually turning the 90 degree angle to continue to run along the ceiling. Like other feature walls, this wooden wonder really gives the otherwise minimalistic room a focal point. And it's practical too; with the television and fireplace placed perfectly on the paneling. This is a great feature wall to sit in front of on the cold nights, with the fire on and your favourite television show playing. 

Simply bold

A Bright and Breezy Kitchen Cathy Phillips & Co Modern kitchen
Cathy Phillips & Co

A Bright and Breezy Kitchen

Cathy Phillips & Co

Bright, lively, bold: this orange feature wall really makes this kitchen stand out from the crowd. The colour of a ripe, juicy orange, this wall highlights the otherwise plain creams and beiges of a modern kitchen. This makes it a really great space to cook in, whether for a quick dinner or spending hours preparing a delicious meal for family or guests. It really brightens the spirit, making this kitchen a motivating and striking space to be in. 

Champagne baths

This is the very definition of a statement, chic bathroom. Elegant, sophisticated and minimalistic; the sheer white of the free standing bath and light wooden floors really contrasted the black wood of the feature wall. A large mirror hangs suspended in the middle of the black, reflecting the opposite wall—also a dark feature wall. The stark contrast between light and dark makes this a bathroom to cherish; one to luxuriate in while soaking in the bath, amidst the overflowing bubbles.  

Slate designs

A courtyard with a highly sophisticated flavour, the multi-toned slate of the feature wall really creating this air of style. The geometric shapes of the slates creating feature wall, each in a different shade of grey from the last, highlight the originality of the design. They contrast the lighter shades of grey flooring, which lie in long rectangles. Adding some potted plants, such as the russet tree on the right, brings the contrast of the natural into this slate-covered space. 

Exposed brick

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London HollandGreen Industrial style kitchen

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


Industrial exposed brick is so fashionable right now, and using it to create your perfect feature wall could be highly recommended. Keeping the home feeling homely, yet injecting it with this industrial feel can be a difficult balance to strike. However, using just that one wall of exposed brick could be the answer to your problems. Here, it's coupled with exposed bulbs and a contemporary, white kitchen. But the soft blue grey material of the sofa in the living area, and its soft, calming pillows, give the room back a sense of homely comfort. This is somewhere you can enjoy both as a wonderfully contemporary room, but also as a cosy, comfortable home. 

A playroom to remember

This is the playroom that kids dream of. A climbing wall of their very own? Yes please. And it looks good, too. The black contrasting the bright colours of the hand holds and the rest of the room staying neutral makes this not just a child's play room, but also a design statement. 

Eclectic kitchens

This dining space is about as cool as a contemporary kitchen can be. It's fun, useful and stylish. The back wall is adored with a blackboard; open black space to chalk in your own day-to-day notes or drawings. Below the board is a black, padded bench, with the same button tufted material rising up toward the chalkboard for a comfortable seating area. The rest of the kitchen is a mix of natural wood and white surface space, with a hint of futurist metal encasing the light. 

Colourful designs

This fun and quirky bathroom uses a gorgeous floral pattern as its feature wall, using a mix of greens, reds and russet oranges. The flowers are large prints, really dominating the wall and creating an interesting focal point in the room. Stems and leaves and blossoms wind their ways up the wall, twisting into new colours and blending amongst one another. 

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