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Mobile Sports Betting

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So where will internet gambling end up - as an illegal industry hounded
out of business by an over zealous Administration. Or as

a regulated and efficient industry bringing in billions in tax revenue every year? No one at this stage can say for sure. But one thing

that is certain is that until some landmark decision is made - the industry will continue to boom.

The days of the seedy bettor are essentially gone - sure you can still find them - but the explosion in online betting sites has given rise to gamblers from across

all cultures, backgrounds and financial means. Today's bettor is far more sophisticated than you would think.

Take mobile betting for example - platforms are already available for casinos and sportsbooks to offer cell phone betting.

The technology is here and already being used.

Perhaps 'mobile gambling' will create yet another 'breed' of gambler - younger and more reactionary than ever before.

It will be commonplace in the betting community to watch live horse racing on your cell phone and place a bet virtually instantaneously.

VIP Sports already offer a mobile facility for their customers.

Researchers estimate that gambling will become worth hundreds of billions of dollars as an industry over the coming years and, whats more, companies of every type will be trying to get in on the action; telecommunications, sports portals, ISP's and many more could all want a slice of the cake.

The future looks bright for the sportsbooks - imagine a new generation of impulsive young upwardly mobile men and women all hanging on their cell phones virtually 24 hours a day.

As intimated before, educated people were less likely to bet historically - but that is changing. A percentage already make their living as professional gamblers.

There is another, slightly less obvious attraction of wireless wagering and that is privacy. Men will often want to bet without their partners knowing. Also could it be a way to get around the infamous US wire act that supposedly outlaws internet gambling?

New and developing technology can only present greater problems for those wishing to outlaw online gambling and lay down clear laws. The industry is moving too quickly and even if stricter laws are passed, enforcing them will become a logistical nightmare.

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