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Get inspired! Perfect feature walls

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Feature wall paint can transform a room from ordinary to much more. Colour can add personality, fun, elegance and more in any room with feature wall paint. A feature wall becomes the focal point of the room. It can add so much design value. Feature wall paint can be added in a bedroom, living room, bathroom, really any room to create a more stylish look. These feature wall paint designs are great ideas for anyone looking for inspiration in designing their feature wall.

Cool blue

This feature wall paint provides a fun, colourful look for this kitchen. The wall is a beautiful blue green colour. It is a bold shade that is definetly attention grabbing. The colour looks great with the white appliances. There are hints of a lighter blue shade in the kitchen, which with the wall creates a uniform look. The feature wall paint makes this kitchen interesting by giving it a bold and eclectic look. 

Grey entrance

Entrance homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs



Feature wall paint doesn't just have to work with a room, it can transform an entranceway. This grey feature wall paint adds elegant style to this entranceway. It is a great first impression for guests as they enter the home. The shade is a light grey, which keeps the entranceway light, airy, and welcoming. The designer chose to make the feature wall the wall of the side of the stairs, which is a unique choice that brings more style into the area. Peeks of the white stairs can be seen against the grey, giving the area a cool, modern look.

Magenta dreams

This feature wall paint is bold and makes a statement. The bedroom is otherwise all white, including white wood floors. The burst of bright magenta looks amazing against the white, and really pops against the start white colour. The feature wall also serves as a sort of headboard for the bed, making this sleeping area a lot more interesting. The bedroom looks stylish, bright, modern and fun, all thanks to this magenta feature wall paint.

Sleek grey

For a sophisticated look, grey is a great option. This feature wall paint makes this room like mature with its sleek dark grey colour. The wall serves as the inspiration for the rest of the room, which is decorated with white and grey colour. The dark grey shade really stands out, especially against the white walls that border it. The wall is used as a back drop for the entertainment center, becoming the most popular area of the room. This grey feature wall paint overall adds to the sleek and sophisticated style of this room. This is a perfect option for those wanting a mature,modern, and stylish room.

Rustic red

Red can be a huge statement making colour, bringing much life and energy into a room. This feature wall paint definetly creates a stylish atmosphere with its bold red colour. The colour looks like it has a rustic finish to it, which doesn't make the red feel too overwhelming and in the face. Instead, the feature wall paint makes this living room feel welcoming and cosy. It is the perfect wall, serving as a backdrop for the large couch. The white crown molding and white walls of the room makes the red stand out more, while also balancing out this bold colour. This rustic red feature wall paint is a win in design, comfort, and living room style.

Neutral modernity

Feature wall paint can be bold colours or more subtle shades as seen in this cool, modern living room. The feature wall is a dark beige colour. This colour looks modern, and is the perfect neutral shade that still adds so much design value in the room. The colour flows perfectly with the light wood floor and neutral coloured furnishings of the living room. The wall is painted under the stairs, which creates a nice juxtaposition with the white stairs and the white walls of the upstairs office area. Overall, this feature wall paint creates a neutral, modern space that looks soothing and fresh.

Bright red

This shade of red is definetly strong and bold. The bright red feature wall paint looks like an unexpected design surprise in a living room that would otherwise be neutral. The paint brings life into the room and makes it so much more interesting. The red looks great with the grey couch, and even picks up on some hues of red from the rug. This living room becomes fun, a bold room that will quickly become the favourite room of any guest.

Soothing lilac

Lilac can be a very calming, soothing shade which makes it perfect for a bedroom. This feature wall paint uses a lovely shade of lilac to create a pretty look for this bedroom. The wall used is next to the bed  where the windows are which is an interesting choice and makes the wall stand out a bit more as it is an unexpected pop of colour in an unexpected area. The colour continues to the ceiling of this area. The lilac matches great with the rest of the room which uses colours of white, gold and more lilac. The end result is a pretty room that looks relaxing and stylish, thanks to this lilac feature wall paint.

Bold blue

Blue can be such a powerful colour, so why not use a beautiful royal blue shade for a feature wall paint? This wall makes the room soar high in design value. The colour is super bold, standing out and truly becoming the focal point of the room. The feature wall paint aids in the modern design of this flat, which is decorated in black and white colour. The blue is a great addition to the space, and even though the space is small, it does not look overpowering. Instead it makes this apartment look super cool.

Turquoise fun

This feature wall paint makes this combination office and bed area look eclectic and fun. The paint is a cool dark turquoise colour which looks amazing with the dark wood floors. The feature wall is used as a backdrop for shelves and the bed, becoming a nice peek of colour through the multiple pieces of furniture. The finishing of the room pick up on the turquoise colour with a similar colour chair, bedspread, lamp and other accessories. This feature wall ties it all in, creating a fun work and sleeping area.

Which is your favourite feature wall paint colour? Let us know!

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