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Wooden doors come in so many different designs; from traditional and rustic woods, complete with iron door knockers, so quaint country ones, painted to inspire charm. Although they can't come in too many different shapes—functionality is still important, of course—some wooden doors have glass panels fitted into them, allowing light to spill through and into your home. The wood itself can be so versatile, whether you opt for darker or lighter shades, traditional and sturdy oak or elegant cherry. And once you've chosen your wood, it's not a totally crazy idea to paint it. Below we see two lovely examples of painted wooden doors, and both work so well in their surroundings. 

So whether your home is a grand building, or perhaps a small cottage style, there is probably still a wooden door out there to fit your designs. Take a look at these beautiful ten ideas to inspire you to choose what's right for you. 

Country colours

This door really makes a statement. Painted a bright red, the door matches the surrounding frame, window to the left and wooden overhang. The red stands out quaintly against the light, rough brick of the house. An even further contrast is the green of the vine growing up the door frame and the plant to the right hand side. With this mix of colours the owner of this beautiful door has truly made something unique and utterly charming. 

Rustic barn

Rustic wooden doors are excellent for stone cottages like this one. Barn style and carved from a relatively light wood, this door fits beautifully into the old brick of the building. It really sets the tone for an old fashioned, yet homely house. The 'z' slats crossing the door frame give it an extra authentic tone; you could really imagine this door having once been the entrance to a barn or stable. Whether this house is a country holiday home or your permanent place of residence, walking through this door is a definite walk into rustic charm and a relaxed atmosphere.

Elegant cherry

Georgian Country House Etons of Bath Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
Etons of Bath

Georgian Country House

Etons of Bath

Now this wooden door says it all; sophistication, elegance, good taste. The cherry tones stand out beautifully against the whites and creams of the surrounding room, making it a lovely focal point of the entranceway. Having two smaller doors can mark out your front door as just that little bit unusual; something that can stick in the mind as an interesting quirk. Here the two smaller doors, opening in the middle, swing in to welcome you and your family into a beautiful home.

Charming entranceway

This is a simple and welcoming entranceway into your home. The lovely warm colour of the wooden door matches the surrounding brick, creating a wholesome feel to the entrance of your home. The top of the door, slightly carved into an almost arch frame, is a lovely detail, adding that extra bit of personality. 

Splash of colour

Old School Croft, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenhire Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Country style houses
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Old School Croft, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenhire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Such a charming front door. This wooden door has been painted a quaint shade of aqua, merging into the surrounding countryside beautifully. It really stands out against the brick of the building, too, acting as a welcoming beacon as your drive up the driveway after a long day at work. The little windows, resting at the top of the door, allow some natural light into your home, but here are tastefully covered by lace curtains. 

The big picture

This is an impressive house that needs an impressive front door. In keeping with the timber beams which criss-cross over the front of the building, the wooden door is made from a light shade of wood. Again there are two doors in this entrance, meeting in the middle to swing inwards. The metal door handles are an added feature, working harmoniously with the timber to create an impressive doorway. 

All wooden

Blending in with the rest of the wood here is a rather camouflaged door. The whole chalet is built from an orange-russet shade of wood, forming a beautiful lodge type building. The door is fashioned from the same colour of wood, working nicely to create a cohesive sense of style. Dark tiles contrast the brighter shade of the wood, bringing out the good qualities in both materials.

Classic tastes

This is an absolutely gorgeous front door, not just because of the lovely dark, older wood, but also because of the classic, iron door knocker. Made into the shape of a lion's head, the door knocker is a classic statement of world-world fashion. And the wood of the door itself is charming; a darker wood slightly weathered over time, with the rings and knots still visible. 

Holiday romance

These front doors are the entranceway to your perfect holiday. This stunning villa is made from earthy coloured bricks and lovely terracotta tiles on the rooftop. The wooden front doors work well amongst this backdrop. Having glass, the two slim panels running down the doors, is a wonderful way to let the warmth of the light outside into your home. 

Lodge chic

This wooden door is a wonderfully traditional entranceway into a classic cottage-come-lodge style home. Swinging back into the home, the door opens out onto a charming, yet small, porch area. The lighter wood of the door matches the wood of the windows, too, while they both work to contrast the darker stained wood creates the porch area. There are so many styles of wooden door and so many ways it can work for your home; this is just one of many beautiful examples looking to inspire your own design choice. 

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