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One of the greatest things about interior design is that there really are no rules. As long as your property is safe and structurally sound, how you choose to fill and decorate it is entirely up to you and allows for a sense of self-expression that is untamed. 

We love the use of industrial inspiration within a residential setting, so take a look at these examples of using a commercial sink in your home and see if you can be inspired to inject some industrialisation into your space.

Double delight

What an utterly fantastic commercial sink installation this is! Providing all the practicality of a double basin space that would be commonly found in commercial kitchens, the use of stainless steel helps to bring a modern edge to an otherwise very cosy and homely area. Perfectly set into the honey wood, the sink, with it's curved edges, dictates the style of the island and effortlessly overshadows linear space with sweeping curves and elegant shapes. Perfect for a busy household, we think this installation is nothing short of beautiful. 

Terrific trough

Concrete sinks & Brushed stainless steel Concrete LCDA Modern bathroom
Concrete LCDA

Concrete sinks & Brushed stainless steel

Concrete LCDA

For busy bathrooms, what could be better than a super wide, open access trough style of commercial sink? In a family home that requires maximum space and efficiency, there can be few installations more suitable than this one from Concrete LCDA! Though eminently industrial in its style, this sink manages to walk the line of practical and beautiful, allowing for a stunning and eye catching space to have been created. Accessorising with colourful objects would instantly detract from the commercial style of the sink, but we really like the juxtaposition of soft fluffy towels being stored in this monolithic trough.

Sunken sinks

Contemporary Kitchen NAKED Kitchens Minimalist kitchen
NAKED Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchen

NAKED Kitchens

Commercial sinks often seem to focus on practicality over style and why wouldn't they? They need to be fit for purpose, easy to clean and unobtrusive in a busy and sometimes dangerous space. With these criteria in mind, industrial style sink installations are also perfect for in the home. Here we see a double sink unit, which offers high amounts of practicality, finished in stainless steel for ease of cleaning and to top it all off, it has been sunk down into the worktop, so as to not be a main style statement. Perfectly placed and cleverly commercial, we love it!

Commercial meets rustic

Sink within the concrete work top Fraher and Findlay KitchenSinks & taps
Fraher and Findlay

Sink within the concrete work top

Fraher and Findlay

So you've chosen an amazing commercial sink to install in your new kitchen. It's huge, boxy and made from stainless steel so that there will be no messing about. Great, but how on earth are you going to seamlessly integrate that into a residential property? The answer is simple; by using it to dictate the styling of the room as a whole. We love this example whereby a huge, almost butler style, oblong commercial sink as been set into a cast concrete worktop, as the two materials are perfectly symbiotic together. The end result is not starkly industrial, but beautifully rustic and we can't get enough of it.

Tapped potential

No commercial sink installation would be complete with out a high end and ultimately extremely tech tap and it stands to reason! Think about any commercial kitchen that you have ever seen, they don't have dripping faucets or plain hardware do they? No, they have the latest innovations in taps and always seem to have a spritzing hose for washing salad, as we see here. It's great to see practical innovations moving into homes and not just being kept in commercial settings and with beautiful accessories and careful design, they look just as natural in our homes as they do in the industrial areas they were originally created for.

Perfectly perfunctory

White Kitchen Units With Orange Accents Rebecca Coulby Interiors KitchenSinks & taps
Rebecca Coulby Interiors

White Kitchen Units With Orange Accents

Rebecca Coulby Interiors

Commercial sinks are rarely a show stopping installation and certainly don't seem to hold  huge amounts of aesthetic value within industrial kitchens, but bring them into the home and they can add a little something that no other utility can. Take a look at this example, which sees the double commercial sink being set down into the kitchen island to perfectly break up the huge expanse of white space. It looks great, offers necessary practicality and has helped to dictate the finish of other accessories, such as the light shade and extractor unit. Cohesive, cosy and undeniably commercial.

Wide open space

Fulham Town House PAD ARCHITECTS KitchenSinks & taps

Fulham Town House


The word commercial has a tendency to bring large sizes to mind. Think of a commercial sink and you are probably picturing an enormous stainless steel unit the size of a family bath tub, well imagine no longer as this example shows exactly that! Wide and deep, this sink unit has been created with one purpose in mind; practicality. Perfect for kitchens that see a lot of hungry people passing through them, this commercial sink looks wonderfully at home thanks to the pared back surroundings that just emanate elegance and industrial chic in equal measures.

Something specialist

When a traditional kitchen sink, with a plug hole and little else, just won't do why not look to industrial settings for inspiration? If you are a keen cook and have specific needs, a commercial sink could be the best investment you ever make. We love this example, which features an integral drainer, perfect for salads and a sliding cover, so as to hide away the unit when not in use. Perfect for a home setting, this really is the best of functionality and fashion that has us wanting to enrol at culinary school just so we can justify having one!

Swirling shapes

Commercial kitchens are always designed with functionality firmly in mind. Chefs need to be able to move around each other quickly and easily, while minimising the risk of injury or spillage and we can see that  motivation hard at work in this example. Just look at the commercial sink area, with two separate bowls, of differing shapes, which make them ideal for specific tasks. The flush stainless steel finish offers easy cleaning and the swirling island unit as a whole seems to have been created with flamboyant home cooks in mind. C'est magnifique!

Awesome aluminium

Boxy industrial styling looks to be a trend that is here to stay and we can see why when it looks this good. Brushed metal looks phenomenal in a kitchen setting and by pressing folds into it, the effect is exceptionally high end and bespoke. We love the complimentary draining area, with a slope so subtle you could miss it and think that this commercial sink looks so perfectly at home that it would be difficult to imagine it in a working kitchen. 

For more industrial home inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: 6 industrial chic interiors.

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