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Before construction on a building (whether it be a house, shop or office) can start, the architectural design obviously needs to be approved. In addition, a decent site needs to be selected for the structure so that its residents can fully make use of the natural benefits and landscape aesthetics. 

Luckily, our homify 360° discovery for today neatly ticks off both these requirements: a respectable architectural design and a satisfactory setting. Architectural professionals Besonías Almeida takes us to Argentina to show off their modern creation. This striking abode, dubbed House Wein by its creators, is a perfect example of the beauty and wonder that can happen when good location meets high structural quality. 

We’ll get to see expert masonry, striking exposed concrete, large and open floor plans, and how they all come together to produce a first-class and timeless style – and even more so when all of this culminates on top of a dune in striking Costa Esmeralda, surrounded by dense and lush forests.

A strong vision

One of the main reasons for the decision to use exposed concrete (besides its aesthetic qualities and durability), was its cost-effective maintenance. Due to its sturdiness, concrete also creates a sense of security and protection. Here we can see how the simple addition of glass creates a sense of visual integration and spatial continuity between the interior and exterior. 

And we just love how that warm interior glow contrasts with the cool hues of the approaching night sky.

Soft yet strong

Our house was erected on the highest part of a sand dune, with a picturesque backdrop of lush trees completing its striking setting. The grey hues of the concrete play well together with the neutral colour palette of the dune, generating a soft-on-the-eye façade for the approaching visitor. 

The ramp seen at the front was used for the transportation of materials during the construction phase, but now serves as main access to the garage.

The rear façade

Looking at this modern beauty from a different angle provides much more information on its construction. For example, here we can see three different levels that allude to the different functions of the house.

The garage is situated on the lower level, while the intermediate level is used for the social areas of the house. The private areas settle on the top and highest level, providing remarkable views of the surrounding landscape.

Stylishly social

As said, the intermediate level is where we locate the social areas, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. The exposed concrete lends a cool and natural look to the interiors, made all the more exceptional by that landscape of greens. Freshly planted pines ensure a dense fence outside, adding some privacy for the homeowners. 

The social areas are connected to two wooden-floor terraces that serve up unique exterior spots to enjoy the landscape with some fresh air, or to get some Argentinian sunlight on the skin.

An open space

The living room, kitchen and dining area flow freely into each other, with no walls or barriers robbing the interiors of natural lighting or landscape views. 

The exposed concrete doesn't just adorn the façade and interior walls – it also extends to certain design elements, such as the living room bookcase, the dining room table, and the kitchen island and niches. 

The furniture projects a discreet presence, with the pristine white dining chairs adding an elegant yet quiet ambience to the room. This can also be said of the LED ceiling lights hanging above the dining table.

A kitchen that’s light and easy

An American-style kitchen was decided upon. It is functional, requires low maintenance and is easy to clean. Concrete benches and niches add to the neutral colour palette, while light wood cabinetry ensures a dash of additional natural material. 

The generous glass windows and sliding doors allow a rush of natural light to flood the kitchen, making for a sunny morning coffee and starry evening wine – the best of both worlds! 

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Wake up to a view

The top level is where we find the three bedrooms. Stunning panoramic views of the surrounding forest is what lullabies the residents off to sleep, and also greets them good morning with the cheerful chirping of birds. 

In contrast to the lush trees and vegetation that surround the house, the interior is quite calm when it comes to décor. Rather than using an abundance of decoration to fill up the walls and floors, the presence of space is used to adorn the rooms and show off that gorgeous concrete. Only a handful of elements here and there ensure some functionality, as well as a spot of colour.

Bed, bath and beyond the trees

Concrete continues to decorate the spaces in the bathrooms, yet doesn't extend to the appliances. Crisp white sinks, a bathtub and toilet lend a serene vibe to the grey backdrop, while the mirrors pleasingly reflect the natural light streaming in through the generous windows. 

And with a gorgeous view like that to accompany bath time, who could want for any décor or embellishments that would dare to tear one’s eyes away?

Closer to nature

An extension of the sophisticated interior settings that lead to an exterior space, bringing us closer to nature. That is the function of these terraces, located on opposite sides of the house.

With their stunning wooden decks, they also serve as an echo of the surrounding forests, providing a perfect and peaceful co-existence with nature.  

From a striking forest landscape to a splendid ocean view, let’s now discover: The Majestic House on the Cliffs.

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