13 secrets to a happier home

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If we told you that the way you decorate and accessorise your home genuinely could make you and your whole family a lot happier, would you believe us? Well, it's totally true! Ask any contemporary interior designer with a flair for positive energy layouts and they'll tell you that 'happy' design is 100% a thing and we want you to get in on the action! Whether you want to enjoy a more sociable family living room or simply have an urge to turn a single's flat into a welcoming and enjoyable home, we've got some perfect tips for you, right here. Shall we begin?

1. Thin out the clutter.

Babouche in Blue:  Walls & flooring by Loaf

Babouche in Blue


No… we aren't telling you that you need to create a seriously refined and totally minimalistic living room, but by keeping clutter out of your home, you will free up so much more space for happy energy to flow! Don't forget that accessories and clutter are very different things.

2. Give priority to meaningful objects.

laminated walnut bull head trophy.: modern Living room by brush64

laminated walnut bull head trophy.


Anything that reminds you of a great achievement or a wonderful experience should absolutely be given priority in your home. By seeing constant reminders of things you've loved and enjoyed, you will naturally find yourself feeling far happier and more positive regularly.

3. Show a little personality.

classic Living room by Sonntagsstaat

Bike Valet


Have you got a passion? Then you need to use it to lend a little flair to your home and inject some happiness! Take cycling, as an example. You can source a funky wall-mounted bike rack and turn your trusted two-wheeled steed into a piece of interior design genius! 

4. Keep it zen.

If you can, try to create a peaceful and zen corner somewhere in your home! Whether it's one end of your sofa that is always kept clutter free or even a small spare room that you can transform into a reading zone, taking the time to enjoy a little zen will make your home so much more geared towards calm and happy thoughts.

5. Make it sociable.

Pleasant interactions with friends and family are a surefire way to improve your mindset, which is why a seriously sociable sofa layout is a great idea. Rather than directing every seat towards a television, as is the norm, turn them into an L or U-shaped formation, to encourage conversation and fun!

6. Fresh flowers help!

We all like a little treat now and then and fresh flowers are a perfect way to tap into that self-care mindset. Displaying some fresh blooms will always make you smile, improve the smell in your home and inject a little spring vitality and you don;t need to go crazy on the cost either! A £3 bunch will work just as well as a bespoke bouquet!

7. Lighting is key.

: modern Living room by Koho

If you want to tap into a happier home vibe, you really need to think more about your lighting! During the day, you want to maximise the amount of sunlight that enters but then at night, you need to be maintaining that warm glow! Table lamps with soft illumination will be perfect and if you have a dining table, make sure that you have focussed lighting above it, as this will encourage conversation, which leads to happiness.

8. Keep it spotless.

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark: scandinavian Bathroom by Drummonds Bathrooms
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

Some people say that cleanliness is next to godliness, but we think it's more akin to happiness! A sparkling home is always a pleasure to spend time in and will never give you cause to stress out or feel like you aren't doing enough. A regular cleaning schedule really will make your home look great and help you to feel wonderful.

9. Make the bedrooms real retreats.

Your bedroom is supposed to be a space where you retire to in order to recharge and feel refreshed, but that will only happen if you make sure that it is relaxing and stress-free. Keep the colour scheme fresh and make sure that it's always tidy and clean and you'll wake up with a positive mindset every morning.

10. Embrace appropriate storage.

You might be wondering how storage can make you happier but trust us, if everything has a specific place, you will feel so much calmer and more organised. Also, proper storage systems will help you to negate annoying clutter as well and make cleaning a lot easier.

11. Mood-boosting colours are a plus.

Private Apartment: industrial Bedroom by H9 Design
H9 Design

Private Apartment

H9 Design

Colour theory states that certain hues will make us feel happier, so doesn't it make perfect sense to include a few of them in our homes? You don't need to start splashing paint around, as some simple accent pieces and accessories will be all you need. Sunshine yellow cushions, pink flowers and green ornaments will all help no end.

12. Follow your nose.

modern Living room by Jung und Grau
Jung und Grau

candle Betonkerzenhalter

Jung und Grau

Uplifting scents will really have a huge impact on how happy you feel when you're at home. A good starting point is to invest in a chef's candle, which will prevent cooking odours from lingering and from there, you can choose some beautiful fragrances for your other rooms. Citrus scents work especially well for happy mindsets!

13. Include some memories.

classic Living room by Herzensprojekt

Own photo on wood


Finally, a good dose of nostalgia will really make your house a happy home. Family photos are the perfect option here, as whenever you see them, you'll be instantly overwhelmed with happy emotions and they will even make guests feel uplifted as well.

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