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Instruction manual for building your dream house

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Wouldn't life be much easier if it came with an instruction manual? We'd know exactly how to plan our decisions, when, how and where to begin everything. Well, unfortunately it doesn't so we are left only dreaming and every decision and action in our life is the result of these dreams.

Having a home is perhaps the most universally common dream amongst people. However, translating this dream into reality requires a big first step, which can be terrifying, but we will at some point make that first step so the question is: should I buy or build?

Of course, building a house has a lot of perks and the greatest is that we can choose every detail according to our taste. Therefore, in today’s article we decided to offer what life doesn't: an instructional manual on how to build the house of your dreams.

Don’t forget to take notes and, as always, be inspired!

1. Start dreaming

The first step in starting your home is to decide what you want and need. Decide beforehand whether your home will be one or two storeys tall, big enough to accommodate guests and whether it will be prefabricated or classic.

Truth be told, the first step is quite simple. You just need to put down on paper every dream you have that relates to your home. And don’t limit yourselves, dream big!

2. Start sketching

After you have dreamed your ideal home and determined the basic features, the next step will be to develop plans and sketches of what it will actually look like. Your plans should include the number of rooms, whether it will have a garden, terrace and garage and whether you want a basement or an attic.

Of course, your plans will be defined by the available of land and the site your house will be built upon. In any case, it’s important to remember that despite any apparent physical limitations, your dream house should stay intact.

3. Calculate the costs

Having drafted a plan for your home, it’s time to calculate the cost. In your calculations you should take into account the building materials. If you discover that some of these materials are well above your budget, don’t be dismayed. You just have to be resourceful and find more economical building techniques. 

For example, coating is a way to achieve the same beautiful appearance as painting would at a more affordable price. You’ll also always find different prices in the market for a specific material so get quotes from different companies and sift through them to find the best suited for your budget.

4. Select the exterior

The exterior of your home is as important as the interior. It will be the first impression of your home and, as with people, it matters! 

Choosing the façade can be a tricky task and you should consider beforehand if you want to include a porch, a patio or a garden in your exterior space. Given that any exterior structure and area will be susceptible to bad weather conditions, the building material must be resilient and easily replaceable. If you want to give a special charm to your exterior space, then don’t hesitate to install lighting fixtures.

Take for example, the beautiful garden above, designed by Rotoarquitectura. Modern lighting highlights the porch, giving sophisticated appeal to the exterior space.

5. Water and heating pipes

Besides the interior and exterior design you should pay attention to the veins that pump energy into your home. We are of course referring to the water and heating pipes. Without them a house will be a primitive cave, serving only as shelter from the unkind nature of the world. You should therefore ensure that water and heating pipes receive proper installation and protection from damage.

6. The electrical grid

If the pipes are the veins of the home then the electrics are surely the nervous system. It ensures that you won't be sitting in the dark, that the external world is perceivable during the night and that you can be entertained whilst warm and comfortable.

7. Design the interior décor

Finally, the last step in creating your dream house will be the interior space. The interior should be a reflection of your own personality so you must pay extra care in choosing the decorative styles and materials.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one decorative style but it’s important to create a coherent and harmonious design. In doing so, materials and colour palettes will play a pivotal role but, most importantly, remember to have fun in designing the most amazing interior décor!

To see what styles are in demand this year, check out: Home Décor Trends For 2016.

Would you love to design and build you own home? If you already have, was it a success? Share your thoughts with us!

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