​Beautiful walls: 13 cladding ideas

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A nice, fluffy sofa in the corner; a decent chandelier dangling from the ceiling; and a beautiful rug on the floor – done! Unfortunately, this is the thought process of far too many people when playing interior designer, as they overlook one of the most crucial aspects of any house – or office building, or shopping mall, or any other architectural structure, for that matter!

We are, of course, talking about walls. And don’t think that a decent splash of paint and a few pictures means your wall design is done. There are sooo many options we can consider to instil some eye-catching beauty into a home via wall surfaces – and these 13 are some of the more popular ones…

1. Stone in a rich texture

2. Wood in a wonderfully warm tone

3. Concrete

4. Marble – so elegant and classy!

5. Brick

6. Polyurethane coatings

7. A mixing-and-matching of different textures and patterns

8. A green wall / vertical garden

9. Playing around with stone and patterns

10. Mirrors – so shiny and visually spacious!

12. Wallpaper – the possibilities are endless!

​13. Wall murals – again: endless possibilities to scope out.

From one surface to another, let’s see How to clean your floors the smart way.

Any of these wall-cladding ideas that you deem too terrific to ignore?

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