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Making differences work in a couple's flat

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When a couple takes the big decision to move in together it’s highly likely that their different tastes will collide. For the cohabitation to work it’s important to create a balanced mix of styles, allowing both to flourish in the home.

In the life of every couple there will be moments when one will seek privacy, either to pursue hobbies or simply escape into their own thoughts. To accommodate this there needs to be a small retreat. In small flat, for example,  the balcony would be a great spot. There will also be times of conflict in a relationship which could, in theory, be instigated by having just one bathroom.

In this article we will offer tips on how to design a great flat for a couple.  

Take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Everything starts with a comfortable living room

Fanning the flames of romance in a couple’s apartment should go beyond a mere candlelit dinner. With the right living room setting you can ensure romance never gets neglected by indulging both if your interests.  

Couples who love to spend their evening watching movies, for example, should invest in a sofa from where they can snuggle comfortably in front of the TV. On the other hand, if the couple is fond of sumptuous meals, perhaps a smaller sofa would be sensible as it would free up space for a nice dining table.

Stylish bedroom with personality

Sometimes a couple’s sense of style can be worlds apart. While one dreams of a classic bedroom dressed in white, the other wants an ultra-modern bedroom in dark tones. Instead of fighting about whose style should dominate, it’s better to compromise.

Take a cue from the image above, a classic wooden bed harmoniously blends with modern colours and décor. The beaded curtain is a great partition, offering some degree of privacy but helping retain the intimate nature of the bedroom.

A bathroom for him

Each person has a morning bathroom ritual so when two love birds move in together, friction can ensue. The ideal solution would be to have separate bathrooms: his and hers. 

The bathroom shown above would be the ideal space for him, with clean lines, a dark masculine tone and minimalist fittings

The sink and the bath ledge offer enough space for his grooming products whilst the chrome towel rack helps keep things tidy. The decorative skull adds to the masculine feel of the room, making a statement that this bathroom is unquestionably, his.

Given that men prefer quick showers, this bathroom also includes a shower unit, which is neatly positioned set back into the wall, beyond the sink.

A bathroom for her

The right bathroom can make every woman’s dreams come true!

We simply love the bathroom, shown in the image above, from Of Man Architektur. A romantic setting by candlelight invites her to take a relaxing bath under the skylight. For a relaxing evening soak consider adding lavender scented candles, with the fresh sent of citrus or orange being used to invigorate the morning.  

The wooden floor creates a warm, homely ambience, while practical shelving provides ample storage for towels and toiletries and the large mirror simplifies morning rituals.

A practical kitchen

The kitchen is often neglected in a couple’s home, sacrificing size for convenience but, with some simple steps even a small kitchen can become more functional.

The kitchen pictured above has an open-plan design, which makes it appear larger. The cabinets provide abundant storage in minimal dimensions and the kitchen island extends to a breakfast bar, thus eliminating the need for table.

A haven to escape to

Even in the most harmonious partnerships people occasionally need me time. This can be tricky in a small flat but a balcony, no matter how diminutive, can offer temporary respite and privacy.

The balcony above is furnished with a small bench, and table, with the cushions and blankets ensuring the space is comfortable. The potted plants give the area added seclusion, protecting the residents from curious neighbours.

For more inspiration, learn how to: Design A Seductively Romantic Bedroom.

How did you find balance when you moved in with your partner? Is there still conflict? Share your experiences with us!

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