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Pop design for a bedroom can take the bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary. The bedroom is the most personal room of a home. It is a room where comfort and personality should be displayed to create the ultimate haven. There are so many options in designing this space, why not make bold statements with pop design? Add colour, texture, interesting paintings and more to create a unique, one of a kind space that will make the room feel like an extension of the owner. These pop design bedroom ideas are definitely interesting, innovative, and grand and will inspire anyone who is looking for great bedroom design. 

Wood work

The beautiful woodwork in this bedroom is so eye-catching and full of grand design. The decor is on the feature wall, right behind the bed. It acts as a center piece for the room and is certainly the focal point of the room. The art work features designs of a light wood colour, and several shades of lilac. The art work is displayed in an abstract fashion, consisting of many lines that create texture and look very modern in this space. The colours continue throughout the bedroom with the bed linen, tying it all together. The end result is a posh bedroom that has a modern and unique pop design.

Fun wall paper

Menora Residence Moda Interiors Modern style bedroom
Moda Interiors

Menora Residence

Moda Interiors

A great way to add style and personality into a bedroom is to install wall paper. The designer here chose a butterfly print that makes the room look fun and welcoming. The backdrop of the wall paper is white, which ensures the room looks bright and airy. The butterflies are plentiful, and have many colours inclusive of orange, blues, reds, and hints of purples. The bright colours brings in the fun design, yet doesn't look too busy. The bedding also features bold colour with a deep purple cover and patterned throw pillows, which all pick up on the colours of the wall paper.  This is a bright, fun bedroom that will be hard to leave.

Mosaic floor

A unique way to add pop design to a bedroom is to choose flooring that is ultra colourful and different. The floor in this bedroom is high design, and is super unusual and interesting. Instead of a more traditional wood, stone, or carpeted flooring, the designer used mosaic tiles in the bedroom. The tiles are large squares and are made of different patterns and colours, including blues, greens, burnt oranges and more. The floor is extremely colourful, and the different designs gives it a textured look and almost makes the floor seem like it is 3 dimensional and moving. The rest of the room is decorated in neutral colours as not to clash with this intricate flooring. This pop design is truly unforgettable.

Purple take over

Purple can be a bold, royal colour, so why not use it throughout a bedroom to create a posh pop design for a bedroom? Purple is used here in many places. There is a feature wall that is a deep lilac colour, which becomes the centerpiece behind the bed. Then a beautiful, soft fabric is used and draped on the ceiling, and then hanging against a wall as if it is a curtain. This creates a lovely, soft look. Finally the bedding of the room ties it all together. The cover used on the bed is a purple with white polka dots, which matches perfectly with two statement chairs in the sitting area of the room. This purple take over is definitely a room of amazing pop design. 

Abstract wall

Abstract paint can look modern, fresh and fun and this is no different in this pop design. The feature wall of this bedroom has a cool art work painted right on, becoming a centerpiece for the room, despite the placement on one of the side walls. The artwork uses many different colours such as gold, blue, red and yellow, and draws on several shapes, many circles being the most prominent. The rest of the room is white which doesn't take away from the artwork, instead it allows the wall to shine, becoming a fun pop design in this bedroom that looks both modern and industrial.

The world

Introduce the world in a very modern way with a pop design for the bedroom that is chic and global. This wall design uses a modern version of a map to create a very funky look. The wall starts off with a solid black foundation, which is very high in design itself and certainly bold. The map is certainly shaped with traditional continents, but instead of drawings of the continents, the shape is created by the words of the counties. This is a modern spin on a traditional map, and looks super sleek and modern. The wall is attention grabbing, bringing in much effortless style to this bedroom.

Sea oais

This bedroom feels like a calming, sea oasis, all thanks to this pop design. The feature wall has a mural painted on it, which looks just like an amazing beach. There is beautiful sand and a perfect blue sky, which must have an amazing calming quality and is perfect to go to sleep to. The rest of the bedroom picks up on the colours of this beach, using blue and green bed linens and green curtains to portray the ultimate look of a tropical beach getaway. It surely will be hard to get out of this bed.

Asian inspired

This bedroom has great Asian inspiration, with its low bed and bright red wall. The wall becomes a great pop design, as it is a bold red colour that is in your face yet not too overwhelming. The bottom of the red wall flows into a solid black colour, adding more unique design and flowing well into the black bed. This wall is behind the bed, which also serves as a headboard, and definitely becomes the focal point of the room. This bold red wall takes this room from ordinary to high style, unforgettable design.

Elegant design

Sotogrande homify Classic style bedroom



This lovely canopy provides much style for this bedroom. The canopy is made from a light white fabric that flows so effortlessly. The canopy is grand and takes up most of the space in the room, definetly becoming a center piece of attraction. The canopy gives the room a very high end look, providing much elegance into this bedroom.

Electic yellow

Interior Design for a family home, Cambridge, UK Lena Lobiv Interior Design Modern style bedroom
Lena Lobiv Interior Design

Interior Design for a family home, Cambridge, UK

Lena Lobiv Interior Design

Don't be shy with colour, introduce bold pop design in a bedroom by using a fun colour such as a bright yellow. This room becomes an unforgettable, bold experience with its yellow colour. The wall and ceiling of the bedroom is painted in an ultra bright yellow. This is balanced out by an accent white wall. The yellow wall has a pop design that looks like a honeycomb, very unique. Finally the lighting looks like floating yellow balloons, adding to this super bright, fun, and eclectic bedroom pop design.

Which is your favourite pop design for a bedroom? Let us know!

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