​Which bedroom design suits your personality?

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Студия авторского дизайна ASHE Home Industrial style bedroom
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Each person is unique, with his own thoughts, wishes and dreams. This, obviously, means that each person has his/her own personality and personal style, and that needs to shine though when it comes to their private space – and what could be more private than the bedroom?

So, if you’re unsure which style you need to choose for your bedroom (and you don’t feel like listening to your star sign), then let’s take a look at what your personality tells you…

1. Eclectic: For the one who’s always up for trying new challenges, for the eclectic design is dynamic, versatile and not afraid to take chances.

2. Rustic: Perfect for anyone who seeks a warm, comfy and homey environment, as those rustic surfaces and earthy colours immediately welcome you in.

3. Minimalist: You are a realist in everything you do and always focus on the facts, which is why the ‘less is more’ look is perfect for you.

Summer residence - Interior design for the apartments on Cote d'Azur NG-STUDIO Interior Design Modern style bedroom
NG-STUDIO Interior Design

Summer residence—Interior design for the apartments on Cote d'Azur

NG-STUDIO Interior Design

4. Super glamorous: You value comfort and glamour above everything else, which is why tufted headboards, heavy drapes and a royal design is perfect for your bedroom.

5. Classic: You enjoy life’s simple pleasures, yet don’t get caught up in it. Pick the classic design, as it never goes out of style and combines simplicity with beauty.

6. Aesthetics that pop: You are energetic and that needs to shine through in your popping colours, bright artwork and eye-catching lighting designs.

7. Colonial: You value the charms of yesteryear and a vintage touch, and that’s why delicate fabrics, raw tones and a four-poster bed is just what you need.

8. Modern: Simple lines, clean spaces and a commitment to functionality speak of your assertive personality. You know what you want, so go get it!

St. Pancras Penthouse TG Studio Modern style bedroom
TG Studio

St. Pancras Penthouse

TG Studio

9. Romantic: You are focused on intimacy and that’s why your bedroom becomes a dreamy environment with soft colours, flowing fabrics and delicate touches.

10. Bohemian chic: You break away from social norms and don’t care what others think. Be free to experiment and mix different textures and patterns!

Then again, it could be quite interesting to see what the stars say… Let’s go about Matching your bedroom to your Zodiac sign.

Which bedroom design is perfect for you?

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