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Designing your home office doesn't have to be a chore. Start with the basics; the desk, the chair, the bookshelves, some storage space. Then go from here, and don't be afraid to get creative. You spend a lot of time in your home office, maybe even the classic five days a week, 9-5, or possibly even more. This is why it's so important to have a home office you genuinely enjoy spending time in. Six or seven hours a day in an office which depresses you or doesn't inspire you can be an absolute drag, a real drain on your morality.

So to help inspire you designing the office of your dreams, here are ten wonderful interior office solutions. Each one uses creative design in its own way, and it could be easy to blend two or three of them together into one, magnificent interior office solution. 

Two levels

Office in Goteburg Stair Factory Modern offices & stores
Stair Factory

Office in Goteburg

Stair Factory

Offices can be fun, as proved by this one. The Stair Factory design many different styles of free standing staircases, and this one fits in wonderfully with the modern and trendy vibes. The steel staircase is an electric turquoise, bright enough to become the focal point of the room. Contrasting its colour is the deep red of the three armchairs and rug, which together with two, small wood tables, create the lounge area. This is the office for a more relaxed business; it would be a great place to have informal client meetings. 


A very informal home office, but an absolutely charming one nonetheless. This office makes use of quite a small space, yet still manages to fit a long desk with plenty of working space, a futon (great when you have unexpected guests staying for the weekend), and a couple of framed eclectic art. This art, the guitars on the wall, give this office a distinct personality; say that the office is an informal one, that it's also part of a home. 

Eclectic contemporary

Either a unique interior office design or a fabulous reception to an office building, this office space is both unusual and elegant. The circular desk, cut into two wooden topped desks, feature in the centre of the room, giving ample desk space for its inhabitant. There are several other design features that draw the eye; the silhouette design of flowers on the back wall, the quaint bright lanterns suspended above the desk, and the varying shades of brown stripes on the far wall. These curiously separate designs somehow work together harmoniously, giving the room its trendy and modern edge. 

Fun and cosy

A perfect office for two, this space has just enough room for some clever storage, two people desk space and a practical blackboard. Used as a giant calendar, the blackboard on the left hand side wall is a smart design feature to introduce to your office space, as it gives that edgy design air but also can be highly practical. The bright yellow of the desks is a real highlight of this office too, as its sunshine shade can spark a good mood in almost anyone: perfect for the weekdays where you need some cheering up. 

Office accessories

Design Letters Design Letters Scandinavian style dining room
Design Letters

Design Letters

Design Letters

Design Letters have fun, quirky pieces to decorate your office space with. Each item is emblazoned with its own letter, so you can make up as many words as you like; experiment with it, have some fun. And they can be practical accessories too, here with a notebook ready for action and several containers holding pens and pencils. Design Letters, here, use only black and white accessories, which will work beautifully in any colour scheme. 

Cute storgae ideas

Products Toyno Minimalist study/office



This little animal storage unit is adorable, a truly charming piece to have in your office. Its wood work is painted white, matching the small cabinet it stands next to. It may not hold all that much, perhaps a few well chosen or well used books, but its a design speaks for itself. This storage unit could be used to ease a more relaxing or homely atmosphere into an office. It could even be used elsewhere; in a kid's room or a living room. Its fun versatility is one of the things that makes it attractive. 

Wood panelling

This office is a wonderful mix between formal and informal. The wood panelling, covering both the walls and ceiling, but also using the same tones for the bookshelves, give the space a more formal air, one which says this room has been designed for work but also for fine taste. The furniture is more informal, with two armchairs and a coffee table in the background, a space for conducting more casual business. There is plenty of storage space here, particularly when thinking about books. It's an office space which could double up as the library you always dreamed of having. 

Organic vistas

A simple, elegant office. Painted a bright, light mustard yellow, the walls remain unadorned apart from the paint. A plain wooden desk lines the window wall, giving ample work space or room for a computer. What really makes this office stunning is the clever use of the view. The desk faces out over the pristine blue sky and blooming gardens; what more could you ask to look at throughout the work day? Utilising the natural attributes of a room can make for easy and lovely design. 

Simple solutions

Lots of storage in the bookshelves which cover one full side of the room, and painted cream to maximise the natural light in the room, this office makes the most of a small space. The desk and chair are unusual additions to the room, however, as they're much closer to the ground than would be expected. But the window is lower in the far wall, so with using a shorter desk and chair combo, the occupier will be closer to the outside view and natural sunshine. 

Tailored to suit

Study with Train and Hidden Door designed and made by Tim Wood Tim Wood Limited Classic style study/office
Tim Wood Limited

Study with Train and Hidden Door designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

Tim Wood Limited designed this beautiful Brazilian mahogany study, and managed to create space for their client's large collection of unusual train sets. The trains and the tracking run the full length of the room, hidden in a drawer within the desk. Another unusual feature of this room is the door; it's designed to blend in with the bookcase, so that is completely camouflaged when closed. This room may look like a very serious study, but the client and designer have worked wonderfully together to give it these lovely, quirky edges.  

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