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Garden lamp posts are still just that little bit different; an almost unique way of lighting your garden. What's wonderful about them is they are totally unrestricted. You can place garden lamp posts anywhere in your garden, not just by the patio or the outdoor dining area. They don't need to be attached to a wall or close to a building, they can illuminate any corner of your garden. A particularly lovely way of using them is to line a a pathway that meanders through the garden itself. There's nothing more charming than walking through your garden in the evening, lights illuminating your way as the shadows lengthen around you. 

And they're so incredibly versatile. Lamp posts can be traditional, eclectic, contemporary or rustic. Whatever your style of garden, you're guaranteed to find garden lamp posts to fit your design. To help you choose which is best for you, here are ten ideas to inspire your garden design. 

Lower lights

These garden lamp posts are a contemporary take on the traditional lamp post. Shorter than usual and without a glass lamp to shade the bulb, they offer a lovely warm glow. They're placed throughout the garden, lining the paved pathways and creating romance and elegance at every turn. They cast a gorgeous warm glow over the greeny too, amplifying their natural tones. 

Simple and effective

The beautiful thing about this garden lamp post is its ability to blend into almost any garden design. Rising tall above the ground, the metal stand is painted green, which here complements the light stone of the wall it stands in front of. The bulb is encased in a calm clean globe, plain see through glass to blend in with any colour scheme. The garden lamp post here is placed by the stone steps, and with a second on the other side would make a lovely flanking of the walkway. 

A bright gateway

These lamps aren't quite the traditional garden lamp posts. Instead, they keep the traditional ironwork from the the lamp which encases the bulbs, however use the concrete gate posts as pillars. In doing so, the gateway becomes a welcoming entranceway to your home, awash with charming bright lights. The ironwork on the lamps themselves is simply beautiful too, following a traditional design that is absolutely timeless. 

Work with the template

OK these are far from traditional garden lamp posts, but they take the general template and modernise it. This elegant structure can be made from simple wood or more interesting bamboo, giving a really natural feel to its structure. Inside the structure is placed a lovely cream candle, illuminating the basket which encases it and spilling it's light over the surrounding area. The beauty of the candle idea is that you can change or replace it at whatever time, for whatever atmosphere you want in your garden. You can never go wrong with the classic vanilla scented candle!

Suspended in air

This is a boldly designed lamp post, for those with a bit more daring in their style. Here the patio is occupied by chic, black outdoor sofas, arranged in a casual semi-circle around a matching coffee table. And hanging above your guests' heads, casting a lovely glow across the gathering, is this wonderful, modern take on a garden lamp post-come-chandelier. The stem of the lamp post curves graciously up from outside the sofa area, and bends down toward the coffee table. The most interesting thing about the lamp itself is its plastic material, imitating a classic style chandelier in a modern material. 

Modernise it

This is another take on the contemporary garden lamp post. This time the casing is made from a darker metal, at the bottom a bulb like shape and rising elegantly upwards to an open top. This lantern is sleep and so incredibly up to date in design. The gorgeous round bulb casts quite a formidable glow; just one can brighten up most of a patio, but without any harshness in its light. 

Contemporary rustic

These Cracked Log Lamps by Duncan Meerding are made from salvaged logs. The idea behind them is that without being made into these lovely, useful lamps, the logs would have been burnt. By bringing nature into our home and garden designs we are reminded of our human connection with nature. Another interesting idea behind these lamps is the soft, yellow glow emanating from inside; highlighting the idea that without the designer, these logs would be burnt. The light pushes through the wood, shining through the cracks and bringing brightness into the dark. 


These lamps come in to different shapes and sizes; firstly the rounded globes and secondly the traditionally shaped lampshades. But the lampshades, though you may recognise their outline from various retro lampshades seen in living rooms up and down the country, are completely modernised. Made entirely from one tone of white plastic, they avoid any pattern that would usually be associated with these lampshades. The bulb inside seems to light the plastic itself; shining through and out into the darkening sky. 

Totally traditional

These garden lamp posts are exactly what you think of when you hear lamp posts; tall, iron structures which rise elegantly from the ground, with brightly warming lights shining in pairs from above. The black ironwork is quite simple, but this only lends to the lamp post's versatility; it can fit in any garden, no matter the colour scheme or theme of design. Here they light a large patio area, complete with a lounging area and a dining area. 

Tiny and traditional

пусть всегда будет лето!!!, TOPOS TOPOS Minimalist style garden

These are wonderful little lamp posts; absolutely traditional down to the last detail, but in miniature. Reaching below eye level, these perfectly classical lamp posts have the distinct black ironwork of the lamp post we all think of lining the streets of Britain in the 1800s. But take out the gaslights and pull the design into the future; put bulbs in the the glass and shrink down the design to fit your garden. Truly charming lamp posts, these are really quite perfect for any stylish garden. 

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