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The kitchen is the most deliciously warm space in our home. However, to enjoy it to the fullest we need to design it to match our taste. Much like baking a cake. We will follow a step-by-step recipe, created by professionals, whilst mixing in our own experience, instinct and ingenuity to serve up a wonderful kitchen.

Sometimes finding the guide to build the perfect kitchen can be as elusive as getting your hands on one of Grandma's secret apple pie recipes. This is where we can help! We present you with the process to create your ideal kitchen from scratch and you'll only need six ingredients: budget, outline, colours, storage, materials and decoration.

Get your aprons ready, take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Define a budget

The first step for cooking up your dream kitchen is knowing how much money you can spend on the ingredients. You shouldn't necessarily equate consider a small budget with a small or ill-equipped kitchen as you just need to focus on best allocating your resources.

Choose from the start which features of the kitchen deserve the largest investment based upon your individual needs and requirements. For example, if you rarely use a dishwasher leave that out of your plans and instead invest more in a great stove.

Start planning

After you have allocated resources it’s time to deal with the planning and putting your ideas onto paper. Produce sketches that show where the various items of furniture and appliances would be placed.

For example, you might discover that you prefer a kitchen island in a cyclical shape because you like having the additional free space they offer. Alternatively, you might opt for something rectangular, such as the one pictured, because of the additional work space it offers. It’s important to remember that the planning stage is crucial to the experience you will have in your finished kitchen.

The perfect colour

Colours can also affect your kitchen experience and, specifically, your mood.

There is a faculty of psychology that suggests colours can affect our behaviour. For example, it's be proven that warm colours in the kitchen can provoke hunger, which underlines why making the right decision at this point of your design is important.

Colours are also paramount to generating the desired ambience. If you have a smaller sized kitchen, opt for a neutral base colour as they reflect light better, thus helping the space feel larger, whilst also being easier to combine with other accents. A white wall, for example, can be mixed with vibrant green or violet hues to create a beautiful and bold modern décor.

Maximise your space

​Hardvendel Design Hardvendel Design Modern kitchen
Hardvendel Design

​Hardvendel Design

Hardvendel Design

The next step in cooking up the perfect kitchen is order and organisation because who wants a chaotic kitchen?! Focus on getting the storage right by incorporating ample capacity, which is where shelves and storage units play a vital role.

If you have the dimensions available it would also be a great idea to include a pantry as they offer the opportunity to tidy away many of the things that often take up counter space, making things look cluttered and busy, such as spices and appliances that don't necessarily get used every day.

Select the materials

So, you dream kitchen is starting to take shape! But now it’s time to drill down to the details and decide what materials you're going to use.

If you're hoping to achieve a rustic look in your country cottage then natural elements, such as stone and wood, should be your primary materials. If your ideal kitchen is more industrial then assess the merits of concrete flooring and granite counter tops, for example.

When choosing materials you should also take into account their resilience and cleanliness. Marble worktops, for example, are resistant to heat and humidity whilst also being easy to clean.

The final touches

Your decorations and accessories should be the icing on the cake. Remember that accessories are the bridge between your personality and the character of your kitchen, stamping your personal touch onto the room. 

If you want your kitchen to be unique and undeniably yours then don't neglect the details. Tableware, plants, heirlooms, curtains or anything similar are all important elements of a kitchen. After all, what separated your Grandma's apple pie from all the others you tried is the minor details. Your décor is that special ingredient!

For more inspiration, have a look at: The Modern Kitchen Checklist.

Would you liketo design your own kitchen? If you already have, was it a success? We'd love to hear about your experiences!

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