​20 striking garden fountains for your home

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Agua Viva Lagos e Paisagismo Tropical style garden
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No two gardens need to be alike – just like indoor spaces (whether it be a bedroom or kitchen), each garden has its own unique style and layout, not to mention size and location. And then we don’t even talk about how people’s personal tastes differ, which also plays a strong part in how each garden is designed and maintained.

But regardless of style or personal taste, there is one element that is so welcoming in each and every garden; one item that ensures an instant source of relaxation and tranquillity: a water fountain!

Today we want to focus on this super stylish element that can bring peace, harmony and style to any garden, regardless of whether it’s a big or a small one, located indoors or outside.

Have a look at these 20 designs (differing in style, size and location), and let us know which one(s) inspire you the most.


Stainless Steel Metal Water Feature Unique Landscapes Modern garden
Unique Landscapes

Stainless Steel Metal Water Feature

Unique Landscapes


Helen Sinclair Sculpture Unique Landscapes Minimalist style garden
Unique Landscapes

Helen Sinclair Sculpture

Unique Landscapes
Which fountain(s) would look absolutely perfect in your garden/home?

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