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The Beautiful Diva House

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For our next stop on homify 360°, we delve into a modern residence with a delicious façade – and equally fascinating interior. Mexican architectural team aa.estudio takes the credit for this stunning 350 square-metre creation that flaunts an eye-catching combination of natural elements and classic interior elements. 

The team at aa.estudio makes it their main goal to combine functionality with aesthetic value, regardless of size. Leaving nothing to chance, they make it their mission to plan every single detail about their projects, from the smallest ground corner to the highest roof tile. 

Let’s discover their terrific attention to detail…

A friendly stunner

Upon our first look, we see an assortment of rectangular shapes combined to form the façade. Then, as soon as our eyes start searching, we discover where the main entrance is, where the windows are located, etc. 

But what stays truly memorable is the distinct use of natural materials, and how they form the striking façade that must be the highlight of this residential street. The pristine white concrete and grey stone stand out immediately, forming a strong neutral palette. This is softened somewhat by the abundance of plants and flowers that jump out of peculiar places, such as right above the front door, and over the garage entrance: greens, yellows, browns and reds flow together deliciously to make the façade more inviting.

A harmonious welcome

Entering the house, we are delighted to see that the contrasting (or would that be combination?) of materials continues.  Coffee-brown timber, caramel-toned tiles, and a milk-white ceiling dish up a delicious entrance for us, reflected ever so slightly by a glass panel. All of this would have been beautiful as is, but the aesthetic quality is enhanced even more by the addition of plants, flowers and some wall art

According to the designers, the décor not only serves to fill up space, but is actually an extremely important element. It also injects warmth and harmony to the environment.

Job well done, we say!

Striking seating choices

First up to encounter after we flow down the entrance hall is the stylish living room (which shares its open-plan space with the staircase and dining room, but more on that in just a moment). 

Browns, beige and whites make up a stunning colour combination for this area of the house. Gorgeous black-and-white portraits adorn the walls, and are highlighted superbly by the natural light streaming in through the horizontally-shaped windows. If that plush rug doesn’t make one feel welcome and comfortable, nothing will!  

And we have more than sufficient seating space to choose from for teatime (or Chardonnay hour, whichever comes first).

Stepping up in style

Adjoining the living room is the grand staircase, located in an atrium. This is more than a few steps to the next level: it is a spectacular ascend to above. Polished dark wood for the steps; clear glass balustrades for the railing; and we even have a touch of nature with a small tree and some white pebbles to boost that neutral palette even further. 

All of this elevated and framed in that delectable dark wood to separate it from the living spaces. 

A few feet away we locate the dining corner, which provides us with an impressive view of this open plan space, as well as the lush green garden outside.

Small yet stylish

We’re off into the kitchen, which boasts the same neutral hues that greeted us in the hallway. The one-wall kitchen is an ideal choice for when space is a bit compressed: it allows for efficient work flow, and presents more floor space for either a dining table or an island (as was chosen in this instance). 

Appliances and surfaces are placed to promote functionality and movement, with the main decor element certainly being that generous window overlooking the green garden. That lush view (and abundance of natural lighting) serves as the ideal morning companion with your first coffee for the day: beautiful, yet quiet.

A bedroom for beauty

We close off our tour with a view of the main bedroom – and what a striking space! That successful colour palette is enhanced fantastically by additional patterns, such as the rug, as well as a touch of sea-blue tones to add some coolness to the room

Downlighters sparkle luminously from the seemingly floating ceiling, joined by a healthy dose of sunshine streaming in through the windows and sliding door. 

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