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This House Looks Like it Has One Floor. But Has Two!

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HUGA ARQUITECTOS Rustic style houses
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This pretty home, located in rural Spain, was designed by the talented architects at Huga Arquitectos to take advantage of the its picturesque setting in the best way possible. Every room in the home boasts huge glazing that give a different perspective of the landscape, as well as drenching the interiors in glorious sunlight. 

What appears as a simple rural property, due to its understated appearance, is really an amazing home that can be used to entertain all family members and friends one wishes to invite. A grand social zone boasts an open and airy layout, which allows everyone to gather round to relax over drinks and conversation. Outside, there is so much to love about the grand decking that hosts tables and chairs for al fresco dining in the sun.  

Come and take a tour of the home with us on homify and see it all for yourself!

Head-turning appeal

Built with an expressive use of natural materials, this house draws the attention of all those who pass by.

The façade is all stone, there are large expanses of glazing present in the windows and doors, whilst the roof is constructed from wood, ceramic, glass and steel. 

The house stands out for its use of natural colours, which includes browns and other warm tones.

Understated exterior

It’s not everyday that we are able to present a home that is truly beautiful but this is one of those occasions!

There's much to love about the simple and rawness of the design. A neat stepping stone pathway leads guests towards the entrance where the door has been left open, seemingly expecting our arrival…

Modern edge

Whilst the exterior is reserved in its appearance, the interior is a different story. A white and cream scheme establishes a backdrop for the living and dining room, while a variety of textures and bursts of colour pronounce themselves within the space, giving the ground floor a fun, modern edge.

The décor balances traditional and contemporary design elements to create a tasteful and impressive room. The pairing of the timber dining table and retro upholstery chairs is a real winner, showing how the designers were not scared of taking risks. 

All hands on deck

We move outside to the outdoor entertainment area to find a deck of huge proportions. It is well-positioned, right next to the internal social zone, with fluid and easy access made possible via sliding doors. It's a space tailored for social interaction, with plenty of furnishing for everyone to find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the sun.

Furniture choice is simple and elegant, with the weave plastic being a smart weatherproof option that will survive for many years to come. 

Contemporary bathroom

The home's main bathroom oozes contemporary style and modernism. There is a tangible brightness and openness in this living room thanks to the muted scheme and the generous-sized window, which lets in plenty of light. 

The tiles, with their distinctive stone look, pair magically with the white ceramic bathtub and timber cabinet. Speaking of the cabinets, we simply love the beautiful timber chosen by Huga Arquitectos. Admire how the glossy stain of the wood enhances the bright and airy mood created in this space. 

Light and bright bedroom

In the bedroom, we see how much of an amazing effect can be achieved with great glazing. The design of this master bed maximises access to the garden via a huge glass door. The door can be left open to allow the elements to enter and freshen the space. 

Bathed in natural light, the bedroom décor seems warm and cosy and is arranged for parents to be able to spend time together during quieter times. Colourful patterns expressed via the pillows and large rug brings life and vibrancy to the space. 

Heart of the home

A key request from the client to the experts was to create a dynamic space in the kitchen where the family could come together to cook and eat, whilst also being somewhere guests could be entertained should they come calling. 

This kitchen easily meets the needs of the clients and truly is the heart of the home. Taking centre stage is the gorgeous marble central island that can be used in a number of ways. There is an abundance of work space that could even cater the preparation of an ambitious five course meal.

Floating staircase

Timber been a consistent material, both for the exterior and interiors of this home, and it has been used to great effect again here. The timber staircase is a true work of art with its floating design that will surely amaze guests upon arrival. 

All in all, each aspect of the home's décor combines together beautifully.

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