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Vintage Furniture – Arty Craftsmanship from The Past

Grace Smith Grace Smith
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There are two ways of defining furniture. The first is the one

that is available in stores these days. They are creative and have a distinct art in their design. But, on the whole, they are modern with clean, easy-to-define lines; these are the items that have a framework aimed at comfort and functionality than mere decorative value or artistic endeavor. There is another side to this range which is also famous for its artistic credibility.

The other demonstration of this form of wooden artistry is better known as antique furniture. Antique furniture stands the test of time and survives several generations from ancient to modern through the medieval times. These collections are marked by their superb handcrafted, intricate designs and a unique appeal which is awe-inspiring. There is beautifully engraved woodwork that is also matched equally with high gloss polish and varnish – a rare finish that does not wear off with time. There are rare times when one of these may be available for sale.

Antique furniture is a living example of ancient architecture. It reveals a lot about the techniques used by artisans, as well as the materials they would use to make such an exemplary work of art.

Why Would You Want Antique Furniture?

Well, it’s not required to explain to an antique lover as why to buy antique furniture, but for those who are intrigued about the utility of antiques must note that antique furniture is not merely a showpiece to be kept in a corner; there’s more to antique furniture than meets the eye. Antique furniture is sturdier than most of the contemporary furniture items available on the market. Also, they inspire a distinct charm in your interiors and create a sense of serenity around you.

If you are a connoisseur of art and interested in collecting a piece of antique dining table in London or a set of antique dining chairsLondon has to offer, then it is important that you follow a few guidelines. This will ensure that your money is spent in the right way and for the right form of art. It is important that you undertake a meticulous screening of the item for clues establishing its date and period of making. It is important that you have a basic knowledge of all the periods in which these were made and the highlights of the creations in each.

A careful judgment of these will enable you to understand the genuineness of the product. Accessories, like hinges, nails, handles and knobs or even the kind of polish and varnish will speak volumes about an authentic antique item. You can also understand from the basic look of the item that should look old by a particular number of years.

It is important that you always consult and refer to an established dealer of antique furniture, like LT Antiques, for any kind of purchase. You can depend on this reputed name for their expertise in handling and judging the right form of items and checking authenticity before passing the same on to their clients. They have been selling a wide range of antique furniture, which includes, dining chairs, dining tables, bookcases and more, for years now.


The type of finesse and charm that antique furniture exhibits, it truly goes with the saying, ‘Old is Gold’.