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​Beautiful ideas for low-cost plasterboard

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It’s true that, unlike new living room sofas or striking hallway wallpaper, plasterboard is not a thing that makes people stop and think – yet that’s about to change. 

Seeing as plasterboard can be beautiful and super practical, we bring you this list of inspiring ideas just in time, so if you’re thinking about renovating a room back home, hold off and check out these suggestions first – they may just inspire you to change your ideas completely!

1. Recessed niche shelving

So easy to create with plasterboard and jam-packed with storage potential.

3. Get curvy

Straight lines can be rather limiting, right?

4. Crisp lines

If crisp lines and boxy wall designs are your thing, plasterboard is ideal. Especially after a coat of render over the top!

5. Creative cut-outs

Combined with lighting, your ceiling design and cut-out plasterboard can become quite the eye-catching feature.

6. Customised room divides

For the ultimate in easy and customised room divides, plasterboard is your best friend.

7. False ceilings

They are so easy to create with plasterboard, and you can play with some imaginative designs.

8. Look up!

Ceiling lights are becoming more and more eye-catching, and plasterboard can be customised to have your room flaunt some unique lighting designs.

9. Breathtaking interiors

Who says that the main beauty elements need to be on the floor? This ceiling steals the entire show!

Speaking of looking up, see these Ceiling designs that really raise the roof.

Where in your home could you do with such inspiring plasterboard designs?
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