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Essential accessories every kitchen needs

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Nowadays kitchens can be crowded with accessories that have no actual use. Every home will undoubtedly contain at least one or two unneeded accessories, which are probably now gathering dust at the far reaches the cupboard under the sink. Hello, omelette maker!

However, there are other things that make our lives easier. These culinary wonders reduce manual labour and make cooking and any kitchen tasks simple and more enjoyable. We are of course referring to appliances such as the stove and fridge.

If your kitchen is sparsely furnished—perhaps you're in your first home—then these are the essentials that your kitchen needs…

Take notes and, as always, be inspired!


Cookware is one of the most indispensable parts of the kitchen, second only to appliances. Pots, pans and utensils really are the lifeblood of the room.

The amount of cookware needed will obviously depend on the number living in the home but the key is not to have too many, cluttering up your cupboards and shelves. It's a good idea to invest in one really good quality set, which can meet the needs of your home.

Kitchen knives

A good set of kitchen knives can be a great ally in the kitchen as they can speed up the whole cooking process. Considering buy knives is admittedly not the most thrilling thing to spend money on but, similar to things like towels and pillows, they're things you use every day and are therefore worth investing in once.

Buy a set of multi-functional knifes so you different blades for tasks like slicing bread and carving meat. You'll save a lot of time and frustration in the long run and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Kitchen appliances

CW KitchenCabinets & shelves

Appliances are undoubtedly the most important features of every kitchen. They are the kitchen!

Perhaps the most indispensable kitchen appliances are the stove and fridge but what about the microwave, the smoothie maker or the toaster? They might seem like machines you can’t live without but, in practical terms, they're entirely optional.

Of course, if you have the space and financial means to indulge an espresso machine then do so, by all means, but just ask yourself whether you still see yourself using the item in question in six or twelve months. If the answer is no, it's perhaps wise to leave them on the shelf in the department store.

Intelligent storage

Le Mans Pull Out Storage Urban Myth KitchenStorage
Urban Myth

Le Mans Pull Out Storage

Urban Myth

Having kitchen accessories without adequate storage is impractical. Storage solutions offer organisational efficiency and help you avoid kitchen nightmares. 

Sometimes it's a good idea to think out of the box where storage is concerned. For example, as the image above illustrates, a super modern cabinet pulls out, which creates enough space for fast access to pots and pans. It’s a really smart design that accommodates everything.

Something spicy

Spices were one of human civilisation's earliest luxuries. Nowadays, they're an essential part of any modern kitchen that aims to create interesting and varied food. If you're kitchen isn't already well stocked with a spices then it's difficult to enhance the flavour of your cooking and you're probably never going to elevate your cuisine from meh to mmmmmmm!

Furnish your kitchen with as many herbs and spices as you can and find a great way to store and display them, such as the example shown above. Your spice rack or shelf should be positioned strategically, ideally close to the stove, so they are within easy grasp when you're cooking.


Jinja Hotpad Collection Jinja KitchenKitchen utensils Multicolored

Jinja Hotpad Collection


The colour scheme of any room is important, which includes the kitchen. With this in mind, try to choose accessories, such as cloths and heat mats, that reflect your kitchen's theme. If your room is minimally decorated, whether intentional or not, some bold coloured accessories can really stand out against white walls or grey cabinets, for example.

For more inspiration, try ticking off: The Modern Kitchen Checklist.

Which kitchen accessories can you not live without? Let us know in the comments!

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