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Schiller Architektur BDA Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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This beautiful home in the suburbs of Stuttgart, Germany, is built unlike any other nearby. Having previously purchased a run-down house on the site, the owners approached SchillerArchitektur BDA to design and oversee the building of an adequate replacement. Inspired by modern architecture, the firm's design epitomises the best characteristics of this style, while at the same time introducing something new and refreshing. 

Not afraid to be bold, the building was assembled to appear as if every space was wrapped by windows and as a result, everyone inside can always catch a glimpse of the outside world and embrace their surroundings. It creates for a wonderful setting that the family simply love to call their own. 

Come and experience living there by scrolling down through the captured images. 

A model home

Appearing to strike a pose, the best angle of the home has been captured during the last moments of sunlight. The massive windows provide the home with an open and transparent identity, which looks warm and alluring when all the lights are on inside. Always a great pairing, the white render and black coated frame work in harmony to present a very attractive rear. 

We spot an al fresco dining area leading off from the right side of the main building. It's easy to imagine the owners taking advantage of the setting during the warmer months considering it's well shaded and also fully kitted out to suite an occasion. 

Maintaining a mystery

Before we poke our heads inside we thought it would be interesting for readers to see what the home looks like from the driveway. It's safe to say that there is certainly a significant difference from the rear! 

There's an aura of minimalism to the front façade thanks to the simple, geometric form that is emphasised by a crisp white render. Amazingly, the architects have vowed for the front to consist of no openings or any significant architectural details, leaving passers by in mystery as to what is inside. 

Room for artwork

Generally speaking, the thought of a white scheme doesn't immediately thrill the imagination, however, the interiors of this home prove otherwise. A consistent use of white brings out the best in the interior architecture, helping to pronounce the height and dimensions of each room, as well as revealing certain dramatic forms and shapes.  

Providing colour and creativity to the space is the homeowner's personal artwork. The high walls provide an abundance of space for many of her pieces to be hosted.  

Late night swims

Adjoined to the ground floor communal zone via sliding doors is a decking area that comes complete with a swimming pool. This space has been designed to be used at any time of the day thanks to a wide variety of lighting features. There are no dark spots on the deck with lights being installed on the perimeter walls, against the main building, and even inside the pool itself.  

Timber staircase

There's a simple beauty to be found when taking a look at the staircase that connects the ground floor's communal areas to the private rooms of the home.

The soft look of the timber combines wonderfully with the crisp whiteness of the walls. Guiding the family to their bedrooms are the simple lights, which illuminate every couple of steps. 

The art studio

We finish our tour in a space dedicated to be an art studio. There are various art pieces by the owner scattered all over the room, each waiting to find a spot on the walls or perhaps feature in a gallery. Having plenty of space is a necessity for any creative artist and, as you can see in the image, there is more than enough of that found here!

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What a beautiful home! Well, unless you're not a fan of this design style? Share your thoughts on the home with us...

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