​Feng Shui says: How your entrance area should look

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Want your home to make a stylish first impression? Who doesn’t? That’s why we’re looking at what Feng Shui tells us about styling up home entrances – which of these ones would you never have thought of?

1. Use natural materials, like wood.

2. Keep it neat and clean at all times.

3. Make sure you bring in some natural freshness in the form of plants and flowers.

4. Working with the flow of energy

Feng Shui tells us that there shouldn’t be any obstacles directly in front of your main entrance, and that includes another door or window. This can obstruct the flow of positive energy, so rather ensure you keep a clean layout and adequate legroom.

5. Keep it closed

Not only do open cupboards and drawers look untidy, but it can also hinder Feng Shui’s positive vibes. Besides, nobody wants to see what you’re storing away! Rather ensure your storage areas are kept closed, whether it’s a credenza or a wall of drawers.

6. Ensure you have something unique in your front entrance

This could be anything from a souvenir picked up on your travels to an heirloom handed down from an ancestor – something that’s unique to you and your space.

Just as long as it doesn’t obstruct the space as mentioned in no. 4!

7. Keep it light and bright

Natural light is your friend, and even more so when you work with Feng Shui. Thus, ensure you have a decent amount of sunshine flowing indoors, and that you have adequate artificial lighting fixtures to take care of the brightness factor after dark. 

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