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​Clever (and chic) shoe storage solutions

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It’s a sight that most of us are familiar with: two sneakers casually discarded right in the hallway; a single boot (where’s its mate?) lying right next to the shoe basket in the mud room; two stilettos dropped in the middle of the bedroom floor, nowhere near where they should be stored. 

Yes, when it comes to household clutter, it’s not only bathroom goodies and kitchen accessories that are the culprits. Clothing items have also known to find their way throughout a home, ending up in the weirdest of spots, like underneath the living room coffee table. And although laziness and way-too energetic children can sometimes be blamed, there’s also another reason for this phenomena: not enough storage space for shoes. 

So, what’s a person to do? Phone up a seasoned carpenter to build and install a brand new closet dedicated solely to shoes? If you have the legroom and budget, by all means go for it! But for others, it takes a bit of creative thinking and planning to see where else in the home one can squeeze in a few sneakers.

Fortunately, we at homify have already done our homework to help you out with your shoe storage problem…

1. Use the hallway for shoe storage

'Welcome' Contemporary hallway shoe storage with mirror by Birex homify Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage

'Welcome' Contemporary hallway shoe storage with mirror by Birex


Been blessed with an adequately sized hallway? Use it your advantage! Get yourself a slim and stylish cabinet/credenza to help store some of those boots, running shoes and others. People use hallway cabinets all the time for other clutter elements like books, vacation goodies and other items, so why not shoes?

2. Make them part of the wardrobe

Marylebone LEIVARS Modern style bedroom



How much hanging- and folding space do you really need for your shirts and pants? And how much space does your shoe collection really take?

These little cubbyholes are fantastically integrated into an existing wardrobe, keeping them not only close at hand when throwing together an outfit, but also neatly stacked and out of sight (thanks to those elegant wardrobe doors). 

Depending on the depth, you might even be able to fit in at least two pairs on each shelf.

3. A beautiful basket

Franklin Carmine Hall Runner Roger Oates Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Roger Oates Design

Franklin Carmine Hall Runner

Roger Oates Design

We are all for strolling outside and enjoying fresh air, yet are not too keen on trampling dirt into the home. Yet why do so few people realise the massive potential that a simple little wicker basket possesses, especially for shoe storage? Place it near the entryway for those muddy boots and all, and the rest of your home can still enjoy spotless floors – not to mention less clutter, as one or two shoe baskets are bound to make a difference to the rest of your house’s shoe storage.

4. Shoe storage in your living room

Solid Walnut Shoe Cabinet from our Mayan Range Big Blu Furniture Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage Solid Wood Brown
Big Blu Furniture

Solid Walnut Shoe Cabinet from our Mayan Range

Big Blu Furniture

We know what you’re thinking: who wants to look at my old shoes while having tea in the living room? But just like that ingenious cabinet we mentioned in number 1, this stylish design can be placed in the living room (or dining room, or home office… ), with no visiting guest being the wiser about what it actually contains. 

If need be, you can also use this shoe-storage cabinet for balancing your television – two birds, one stone!

5. What about underneath your stairs?

Under Stairs Storage buss Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage

Under Stairs Storage


Far too many staircases eat up unnecessary space, using up what could have been clever storage areas (or fully functional seating/working zones). But in the spirit of secret hiding spots, have you considered custom-made cabinets and drawers underneath your staircase to help you out with your shoe-storage problem? 

This slide-out system flaunts quite the professional look, with its shelving unit being very capable of storing a number of shoes, yet it’s a simple matter of closing those doors to continue enjoying a neat and clutter-free hallway.

6. Keep it simple

Bench for shoe storage Broad and Turner KitchenTables & chairs
Broad and Turner

Bench for shoe storage

Broad and Turner

Clean lines; elegant pieces; a ‘less is more’ approach to design – is it any wonder that the Scandinavian style has become so popular worldwide? 

This wooden bench with its Nordic touch can also be the prime piece you’ve been waiting for regarding your shoe-storage issues. Of course the bottom part is the ideal space for storing fancy footwear, but what about the top surface? Will that be used for seating? For placing a potted plant and stack of books? Or for flaunting some more of your shoes in need of a resting place?

Furthermore, since it doesn’t take up a lot of legroom, it enhances the possibilities of where you can place this ingenious creation. Will it fit in with your mud room? In the corner of your bedroom? What about the hallway?

7. On display

Did you know that fancy footwear can also be used as décor pieces? We’re not referring to smelly old sneakers you use on a daily basis, but leather boots with a vintage look or classy high-heel creations can definitely help introduce style and character wherever placed.

Just look to this incredible piece that can help put quite a few pairs on display in the hallway, or even the corner of your bedroom. The top rod is perfect for hanging the next day’s planned outfit, which is sure to make those rushed mornings picking out the right outfit less frantic.

8. A pull-out solution

Bespoke shoe unit Lamco Design LTD BedroomAccessories & decoration
Lamco Design LTD

Bespoke shoe unit

Lamco Design LTD

What happens in the closet, stays in the closet. True, but there’s no reason why yours should be a horror show with clutter everywhere. And if a bespoke design is more to your liking in the fight for effective shoe storage, we recommend this graceful pull-out piece.

Located at the bottom of a closet (or wherever you deem fit) behind closed wardrobe doors, it ensures footwear are neatly displayed instead of just unceremoniously dumped atop one another. 

On the other hand, if your commitment to keeping these racks neat is unsurpassed, why bother with hiding them behind closed doors at all? A stand-alone design can become quite the décor piece in your bedroom (or walk-in closet, if you’re fortunate enough)!

9. Boxes for shoe storage

Storage Boxes Regalraum UK Dressing roomStorage
Regalraum UK

Storage Boxes

Regalraum UK

They work for valuable papers, toys, seasonal clothing and just about everything else, so why not for shoes? Storage boxes can definitely help keep your shoe collection neat and out of sight. 

Plus, seeing as one box can hold more than one pair and doesn’t take up a lot of space at all, these colour-coded storage items can neatly be stored out of sight in the wardrobe, in the bottom of a cabinet, atop a floating shelf, underneath the bed, or wherever else you deem fit.

That takes care of fashionistas, but what about bookworms? That’s where these Creative bookshelf storage solutions come in…

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