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Bathroom ideas

Alissa Ugolini—homify UK Alissa Ugolini—homify UK
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The bathroom is the most intimate room of our home, and it is much more than just a place for personal care or grooming. It is also a space where we go to relax, and therefore, this factor should be reflected in the design. The bathroom is often a reflection of the era in which it was built, and is very often subject to colour and texture experiments. For example, think of the salmon and brown tones from the 80s, or the mustard-coloured flowers of the 60s. Like the kitchen, the bathroom isn't so easily modified with a fresh lick of paint or some new furniture. The fit out will therefore need to be carefully considered because its design will not only remain for the next year, but for the next decade.

A private bathroom has always been considered a luxury. Since ancient times, and until the 20th century, it was only for kings, nobles and wealthy citizens. The rest, washed in public bathhouses. For those who bathed only one a week, or before special holidays, this comfort was unattainable. In the wake of the Renaissance, the topic of hygiene began to take centre stage, with a greater focus on improving the quality of public baths and making it more accessible to the masses. Up until the 20th century, a private bathroom with bathtub was only affordable for the wealthy. We, at homify, are certainly glad those days are over! We think it's wonderful that we now have the opportunity to design our own private bathroom to our liking. The bathroom starts and finishes our day; it helps us to get ready in the morning, and in the evening for bed. Today, we are taking a look at ten different bathroom ideas to help you design your own feel-good space!

Freestanding bathtub

A very special treat in any bathroom is this free-standing bath. It is the epitome of wellness and luxury nowadays. No longer is it hidden away in the laundry room or the basement, but now full exposed in a beautifully designed bathroom. What are the benefits of a free-standing tub over the regular recessed kind? Aside from looking fabulous, in all their sculptural glory, they are actually easier to clean and a more environmentally conscious choice as less cement, tiling and energy is required in their installation.

The designer of this particular bath has had much success with the shape. It is ergonomic, contoured to the curves of the body and of course, spectacularly beautiful. The continuation of the colour of the shower through to the floor tiles aids in completing the contemporary and fresh feel to the space. With a few candles and relaxing music, we can feel a little closer to the beauty ritual of Cleopatra. 

Coloured tiles

Nowadays, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to tiles. Big or small, rectangular or diamond-shaped, plain white or in colour, the choice is never ending. Coloured accents set correctly, can have a great effect for the entire bathroom. Here, the shower head and faucet are reminiscent of a Rubik’s cube. A colourful barrage of tiles is sure to make your morning shower that little bit more enjoyable.

With the majority of home owners choosing white as their base colour palette, it is nice to see interior designers changing it up from time to time. Using different colours and texture helps to lift a space that can sometimes look sterile and boring, and give it a completely different look and feel.

A shower oasis

This is the counterpart of a free-standing bath - the free-standing shower . This model can comfortably, and conveniently shower a small family all at the same time. Whether or not that sounds like a good idea to you, you cannot deny the design of the bathroom itself. The caramel lacquered floor boards, followed by the intricately patterned storage units, makes for a scene of tranquility and calm—even if it is a communal space.


Even something as simple as choosing towels can give the bathroom a personal touch. Some like to use bright and colourful accents, others like to retain a muted colour palette. This is especially useful in scenarios when the bathroom is mostly white. A vibrant red, pink or light green can then break the simplicity, and add a completely different dimension to the space. In the instance you already have coloured tiles or wallpaper, pick a complementary or similar hue for balance.

This wall integrated cupboard is an excellent and neat storage idea. Your daily ritual is compartmentalised, which means you can easily get your beauty needs organised on a daily basis.

Country style

While brushing our teeth, we can stand at the window and see the countryside. Outside, all you can hear is the swell of the warm breeze, birdsong and rustling leaves.  A full country-style bathroom is associations to rest, holidays and seclusion. In fact, this is the perfect setting to begin a day, or more so, rewind before bed. For a country style look, you should stick with muted tones—anything bright would not fit. To finish, the vintage looking mirror adds perfectly to the country shabby chic setting of the room. In the barrage of modern and white that we are saturated with today, it is nice to see something a little different, albiet, a little peek back at the past. Some of the best memories of country homes are created as children, and therefore, it is only natural that we would want to relive these moments once again as adults.


In this day and age, the regular gas heater that was once an eyesore in the bathroom, has now been replaced by a myriad of different contemporary and attractive styles to choose from. In recent years, technology has taken over, and you can now conveniently hang your towels on a heated towel rack, so that in the dead of winter, you can either wrap yourself up in a towel like a warm hug, or have your towels dry faster to save from getting musky and mouldy. In the pictured model, you can see clearly how the function of heating, has now become a design object. 

The industrial age

 Bathroom by GAL srl
GAL srl

Cristallo fisso in cristallo e acciaio inox_AC6 YOUNG

GAL srl

The industrial style has really taken the design world by storm. This bathroom, following suite, has mimicked the style perfectly. Keeping the colour palette muted, the rest of the bathroom furniture is black and white, ensuring the focus is on the wonderful brick work. It goes without saying, that the rest of the accessories in the bathroom such as soap dispensers, chair or the rug were of the same tones.

If you look closely, the shower cubicle has three heads—one is fixed, and the other two are flexible.The water lines are intentionally exposed, emphasising the industrial charm.

Wall designs

 Bathroom by K&L Wall Art
K&L Wall Art

Wandtattoo Schildkröte

K&L Wall Art

Often, the furniture in the bathroom is defined by what the previous owners left behind, or what the landlord has left us with. Nevertheless, we can easily transform the ambience of a bathroom with some simple additions. How about, for example, with a new wall colour and a chic wall tattoo? These decorations are no longer solely reserved for the living room or bedroom, as they can just as easily bring life and vitality to a bathroom too. These stickers are water resistant and leave no damage to walls, which is perfect if you are renting! We wonder how the intricate images of turtles have been ever so subtly blended in with the sea blue paint on the walls.

Summer recreated

 Bathroom by Design by Torsten Müller
Design by Torsten Müller

Freistehende Glas-Badewanne

Design by Torsten Müller

For those who have a strong need to be close to nature and summer all year around, this ergonomic and summer-themed bathtub may very well be the perfect addition to your home. The advantages are obvious, compared to frolicking by a lake or seaside, there are no annoying wasps or neighbours and no risk of sunburn or grass pollen allergies. Sounds a little too good to be true, right? The bathtub is made of two layers of glass between which the meadow design was inserted. This is something that you only begin to notice upon closer inspection, as from first glance, it looks as though the grass is actually inside the bath! The integrated deck is made of wood and stainless steel, designed for optimum comfort and relaxation. In an almost bohemian 70s take, this scene will surely bring many back to the days when daisy chained crowns and necklaces were all the rage.


 Bathroom by Design by Torsten Müller
Design by Torsten Müller

Designerwaschtisch aus Naturstein

Design by Torsten Müller

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bathroom sink, as it is generally the most prevalent feature in the bathroom. Do you choose single or dual basins? Or, a modern take on a troth, as pictured? In terms of maintenance, what is easier for you to clean – a raised or recessed basin? The list is endless. At the end of the day, it comes down to previous experience and personal taste. Don't be swayed by what is photographed in glossy magazines; they can sometimes be impractical and for illustrative purposes only.

Natural stone is a preferred material in many bathrooms, and this is by no accident. It is durable, easy to care for and incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Given the nature of the product, each piece is unique in colour, finish and vein. This is one of the most appealing factors of stone. The sink itself is extremely practical. There are integrated taps above, and towel racks below.

For more bathroom ideas see ’Bath time—a drop of class’.

What factors are important to you in bathroom design? Comment below and let us know!
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