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​Simple (yet stylish) nursery ideas

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Nursery & kids room Pixers Scandinavian style nursery/kids room
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Hearing that you’re about to welcome a bundle of joy into your home can be some of the best (and stressful) news ever. So many ideas suddenly jump into your head, including the most obvious: Where are they going to sleep?

Obviously your little one deserves his/her own room (if only so you can get some decent shut eye when baby finally dozes off), and that is where we at homify are most excited to treat you to our bunch of ideas. After all, we might not be able to help you raise your new baby, but we can certainly help make things easier with some very beautiful (not to mention practical) tips on getting his/her room ready. 

Fortunately, professional interior designers/decorators don’t just busy themselves with ‘grown-up’ spaces like kitchens and living rooms, but are also quite the experts when it comes to nurseries and children’s bedrooms. So, let’s see some popular nursery ideas…

1. Nursery ideas: Don’t go too grand

​Moonlight Cot Bed homify Baby room Wood White

​Moonlight Cot Bed


We understand you’re very excited to give your little one the best of everything, but know this: he/she will only stay a baby for a short while before moving on to the toddler phase, which changing everything again (from the type of bed they’ll need to the sort of toys they’ll prefer, etc.). 

Therefore, go for a room scheme that will be easy to change as your child grows; for example, storage spaces (cubby holes, floating shelves, etc.) that can literally stay in that room from baby to toddler to child to the teenage years, with the occasional style- and colour switches, of course.

2. Nursery ideas: Play safe with neutrals

Ferris Wheel Pixers Scandinavian style nursery/kids room

Ferris Wheel


We love the idea of playing with millions of different hues for baby’s room (from ballet-slipper pink to sapphire blue), but what if you choose not to know if it’s a boy or a girl until the big day? Take it from us: rooms enveloped in greens and yellows are overrated. 

Modern nursery ideas rather opt for a soft, neutral colour scheme (think creams, off-whites, light greys, etc.) to keep it gender neutral, yet elegant. This will also help to keep the room looking and feeling cosy. Items like a simple white wardrobe and rocking chair can stay on for years, regardless of the room or colour palette. Then, add more brightly coloured accessories (in the appropriate tone) later on once baby has arrived.

3. Nursery ideas: Choose textiles before paint

Speaking of colours, it’s much easier matching wall- and ceiling colours with furnishings and décor than the other way around. Thus, shop for those textiles (baby blankets, curtains, etc.) first, thanks to the latest colour-match technology, then match it with the appropriate paint colours to buy. 

homify hint: Peel-off wall stickers add instant colour and character and are so quick and easy to use.

4. Nursery ideas: Focus on a focal point

Grey-pink-turquoise baby room Affleck Property Services Modern nursery/kids room Grey
Affleck Property Services

Grey-pink-turquoise baby room

Affleck Property Services

Although most nursery ideas feature a crib or cot as the centre of attention, you are free to change up your baby’s room as you deem fit. Perhaps a large window, a beautiful fireplace, an oversized stuffed toy, a wallpapered wall, or something else instead can draw the focus instead of baby’s sleeping spot.

Whichever you choose, just ensure there’s one main element that stands out from the rest.

5. Nursery ideas: Dressing the windows

​Moonlight Cot Bed homify Baby room Wood White

​Moonlight Cot Bed


Baby’s sleep pattern will be quite jumbled at the beginning, so his/her window dressing need to be designed in such a manner that even a midday snooze can be enjoyed in a completely blacked-out room. Opt for blackout-lined curtains or blinds to keep that sunshine from streaming in. 

homify hint: Install a dimmer on an intense overhead lighting fixture, especially one located directly above the crib. And be sure to have a small accent lamp for a cosy glow.

6. Nursery ideas: Baby-proofing the room

​Moonlight Cot Bed homify Baby room Wood White

​Moonlight Cot Bed


Why wait until baby can crawl before making his room as safe as possible? Take care to cover electrical outlets and tuck away cords (even the ones attached to blinds). Secure all rugs to the floor to prevent slips, be aware of any potential choking hazards, and make sure all medicines and ointments are safely out of baby’s reach at all times. 

homify hint: Put all new carpets down and finish your painting at least three months before baby arrives to ensure that the nursery is completely free of fumes.

7. Nursery ideas: Making a safe sleeping spot

There are millions of options for styling up a baby bed, but simple is best. And remember that a lot of things we grown-ups deem as harmless can easily become a choking hazard for little ones. 

For sleep time, stick with just a pretty fitted sheet and place those stuffed animals and pretty quilts on a chair (away from baby) instead. 

And make sure the nursery is located away from the house’s noisy areas.

8. Nursery ideas: Add plenty of storage spaces

It’s amazing how many things a small baby needs! Trust us when we say that committing to clever (and lots of) storage areas right from the beginning is going to take a huge weight off your tired shoulders. 

Cabinets, baskets and drawers, open storage items (like bookcases), floating shelves… there are definitely lots of options to pick from. But remember to keep it friendly and interesting, like painting the back of open shelves in a bright, contrasting colour to liven up the room.

9. Nursery ideas: Washable wallpaper

Blue Tree Pixers Scandinavian style nursery/kids room

Blue Tree


It’s good to focus on the beautiful and fun elements of raising a child, but remember this: all kids are messy, especially during their baby stages. And your first few years of parenthood will mostly be spent cleaning up after your little one(s). 

That is why washable wallpaper is one of the best nursery ideas ever, making a parent’s life oh-so much easier. When decorating that nursery, always look for wallpaper with a ‘wipe clean’ option – trust us on this one!

10. Nursery ideas: Enjoy it!

Grey Cot & Chest homify Baby room Grey

Grey Cot & Chest


In-between styling up the nursery and making it safe and easy to clean, remember one final thing: have fun doing it! Planning the décor, from the type of rocking chair in the corner to the colour of the rug underneath the crib, should never feel like a chore. It should be an opportunity to express yourself and create something beautiful for your baby.

The more you know, the better – see these Clever storage solutions for every unruly kids' room.

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