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When it comes to creating an amazing conservatory, there are so many facets to consider, but they really are a worthwhile investment. Not only can a well-chosen garden room add up to 5% to the value of a home, but in terms of the added space, practicality and enjoyment, they really can prove to be an invaluable addition.

Conservatory interior ideas have the ability to be as diverse as any other room in the house, if not more so thanks to there being no strict mandate as to what they are used for. From a sitting room through to dining spaces and even something a bit more unusual, such as a music or play room, when it comes to dreaming up conservatory ideas, UK homeowners are amongst the most imaginative in the world.

We've put this guide together to highlight just how many possibilities conservatories can offer. It's been a long time since it was a case of a metal frame, some glass and a few wicker chairs, as we're about to prove with some of the most social media-worthy projects that we've ever seen. Can anyone say #houseenvy?

Modern conservatory ideas.

Talk about worshipping at the alter of contemporary design. This cathedral-like conservatory is a perfect example of just how far the design process has come, what with the demonstrable lack of chunky metal framework and the totally clear glass roof, with a central pitch. The atrium styling has made for a gargantuan feeling of space and there couldn't possibly be more light flow, not to mention proper ventilation. 

It's little wonder that this conservatory was earmarked to become a dining room, what with the naturally beautiful surroundings and we can picture interior design bloggers taking a few snapshots here and adding the #modernhomeUK hashtag.

Small conservatory ideas.

Not all conservatories need to be massive installations and when there is a reluctance to sacrifice a large proportion of garden space for one, it makes sense to stick to something a little more modest and compact. Small doesn't have to mean boring, as well know, and this particular conservatory is a great example that brilliant things come in small packages. Sticking to the regular motif of a glass conservatory roof means that the room itself still feels bright and airy and the clever touch of filling it with lots of plants has made for a really organic connection to the garden. Some simple wooden furniture completes the look perfectly.

We'll eat our hats if bloggers wouldn't upload a snap of this conservatory with the #urbanjungle tag firmly attached to it.

Rustic conservatory decor ideas.

For those people that are planning something of a traditional half-brick and half-glass conservatory, a rustic interior design scheme is a natural choice. Moreover, it will look terrifically warm and inviting, while alluding to the natural connection to the outdoors that all garden rooms have, by their very definition. For conservatories that showcase a lot of wood in the structure, a rustic vibe will be easy to play up to by simply adding some wicker, rattan or bamboo furniture pieces and maybe a rug.

Rustic interior design garners a lot of attention on social media platforms and we could see a space such as this one working well with the #rustichomestyle hashtag.

Conservatory room ideas with a difference.

It's vital to let go of the archaic notion that a conservatory is simply just a sun room for sitting in as that can really hamper the artistic licence that can lead to a really staggering and interesting project. While this combination living and dining room is special in it's own right, there are far more unique installations that could also work. What about a conservatory kitchen, as an idea? Or even a nod to the past with a growing room? Fruit trees would thrive in the natural warmth and sunny climate of a glass rear extension.

A room such as this one would be a natural addition to the #bathedinlight hashtag on social media too.

Unusual conservatory ideas.

We've become so accustomed to conservatories being fully glazed buildings, filled with garden furniture, but that doesn't have to be the case. Here, we see a conservatory that has saved all the glazing for the walls, with a solid plastered pitched roof. With bi-folding doors that open up fully, to connect the conservatory to the garden, there is no loss of sunlight, despite the solid ceiling construction and just look at the furniture! Installing modern retro conservatory furniture has given the whole space such a different and exciting look that is far away from the normal cliches.

Home bloggers would love a space like this to photograph and would definitely use a hashtag along the lines of #gorgeousgardenviews.

Conservatory ideas for small spaces.

When it comes to smaller conservatories, extra care needs to be taken to make them special in ways other than stature and size. Thankfully, there are some incredible conservatory lighting ideas being put into place that add an element of grandeur to even the most modest of projects and this picture is a fine example of exactly that. It's an unusual touch to have a large crystal chandelier as the main lighting source in a conservatory, but it certainly transforms a charming little conservatory into something that's hard to ignore!

It might be a new tag, but #conservatorybling would be so apt for a space like this one.

Conservatories really are more exciting and diverse these days and what a great way to enjoy extra space, easy vitamin D absorption and chic style, not to mention increased home value.

Have you been inspired to consider a more unusual conservatory design now?

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