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Storage, in general, seems like it’s always an issue. Doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outdoors, there either seems to not be enough storage spaces, or no functional (i.e. user-friendly) ways of storing tools, pillows, outdoor cookware, garden accessories, kids’ toys, and a horde of other elements we tend to associate with the outdoors. 

Of course a garden shed is one of the best means of keeping garden clutter at bay, and thankfully there’s no shortage of professionals quite adept at conjuring up sheds, decks, and outdoor enclosures according to our specifications. But what if there’s no room in the yard for a mini building? Or you simply don’t want to place a structure on your lawn, instead preferring it to be adorned by fresh plants, colourful flowers and a selection of other visually aesthetic features? 

Never fear – here at homify we always have a few tips, and we love sharing them with you.

So, let’s see some clever ways in which you can upsize your garden storage in no time!

​1. A garden summerhouse

Who wouldn’t adore a practical summerhouse such as this in their yard? But make it even more incredible by adding an extra room, hidden behind doors, for all those gardening tools, a bicycle or two, the pool stuff, and a bunch of other items you don’t want strewn across the yard. 

It’s sure to be the main focal point of your garden (and the prime source of jealousy for your neighbours and guests).

2. Outdoor storage box/bench

Garden storage wayne maxwell Modern garden
wayne maxwell

Garden storage

wayne maxwell

It may look like a regular wooden bench ideal for seating, but out-of-the-box thinking has led to this design becoming an into-the-box storage space. 

This type of bench would usually need to be handmade, so either put those DIY skills to good use or invest in a proper carpenter/builder to ensure top-notch results. Design it so that the top (seating) part of the bench lifts off / opens up, allowing access to the space inside.

And there you have it: a garden storage gap and seating spot in one!

3. A wall-mounted storage cabinet

Funky Family Garden in Chiswick, GreenlinesDesign Ltd GreenlinesDesign Ltd Eclectic style garden garden storage
GreenlinesDesign Ltd

Funky Family Garden in Chiswick

GreenlinesDesign Ltd

There’s a huge difference between a rusty old shed pulling your entire garden’s look down, and this clever contraption which takes up less legroom (and no floor space whatsoever).

Mounted to the wall, this storage cabinet (in a rustic-yet-elegant wooden design that can complement your garden fence) can be used to hide away so many pieces: the garden hose, gardening tools, unused potters, etc.

4. Your very own garden office

Garden Office with hidden storage shed built by Garden Fortress , Surrey homify Modern study/office

Garden Office with hidden storage shed built by Garden Fortress , Surrey


Who says you need to stay at the office to put in some overtime? This cedar-clad design pulls double duty as a storage shed and garden office. Similar to the garden summerhouse idea, this structure keeps the storage unit hidden behind closed doors (if you can’t see the clutter, it doesn’t exist, right?).

5. Use your garage walls

Need to store all your tools in the garage? Try a feature wall! Garageflex Modern garage/shed

Need to store all your tools in the garage? Try a feature wall!


Those wall hooks come in handy for hats and coats in your mudroom, so why not see what they can do for the garage?

Being lucky enough to have a garage doesn’t mean you get to dump everything where you please. Opt to make a fabulous feature wall that can also help out with garden storage. Not only will this keep the floor clear and spacious, but you’ll be able to find the right tool straight away, and see at a glance if something has been left outside. 

homify hint: Buy all the hooks that will fit around the neck of each tool to prevent them from slipping out. If you don’t have a clear plan of how to arrange them, lay them all out on the floor first, taking care to avoid big gaps. Take a photo of the layout once you’re pleased and transfer said layout to the wall. Easy peasy!

6. Garden storage with a social factor

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas, Design Outdoors Limited Design Outdoors Limited Mediterranean style garden
Design Outdoors Limited

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Areas

Design Outdoors Limited

Is your exterior space quite the socialising hotspot? In that case you probably have a barbecue? But while a mini outdoor kitchen is a dream come true for many social butterflies, barbecuing and preparation requires a lot of equipment and utensils that can add to an area’s clutter.

We recommend investing a little more time and cost into something that will pay off big time: a mini-kitchen workstation. It ensures you have all the cooking goodies ready at hand, yet stores them out of sight. No more running indoors to fetch condiments and plates, and no more leaving eating accessories outside where they add to your yard’s clutter factor.

7. Garden furniture with built-in storage

Introducing a Stunning and Decorative Garden: The Gallery Garden, Cool Gardens Landscaping Cool Gardens Landscaping Modern garden
Cool Gardens Landscaping

Introducing a Stunning and Decorative Garden: The Gallery Garden

Cool Gardens Landscaping

Adding a few furniture pieces to a terrace or garden definitely makes it seem more welcoming. So how about taking care of your garden storage while also styling up the outdoor space?

Just like indoor spaces, outdoor areas can also be privy to furnishings with built-in storage areas, whether it’s coffee tables, ottomans, benches and chairs, or even porch tables with hidden compartments/drawers.

8. Reuse old furniture

Raw Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers homify BedroomWardrobes & closets Wood Wood effect

Raw Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers


There’s something charming about a vintage furniture piece, and a unique touch gets added once that piece is added to the outdoors. 

An old wooden chest of drawers such as this can definitely help with interior storage, yet it can do the same outdoors with garden accessories, tools, etc.

Just ensure you use solid wood furniture, or move that piece to a spot where it won’t get wet, swell and disintegrate. Use an old chest of drawers currently gathering dust in your home (and taking up valuable space), or hunt at junk yards and flea markets for one that can help with your garden storage.

9. Use pots for storage

Brent Verdigris Plant Pot, Rowen & Wren Rowen & Wren GardenPlant pots & vases
Rowen & Wren

Brent Verdigris Plant Pot

Rowen & Wren

Those potters may be intended for plants, yet nobody is going to stop you from using them to store your gardening tools. Small items like digging trowels, shears and cultivators don’t require lots of legroom – and using an entire shed just for these tiny elements seem like a waste of space.

Get a few potters intended purely for garden storage; fill them about one-third with sand to hold the tools; stick said tools in so that their top parts still stick out (allowing you to distinguish which pots hold which tools); then place the pots somewhere where they won’t be a nuisance, like on a floating shelf

10. Wonderful wood storage

Don’t leave your firewood planning (and storage) until winter time. Get those logs stacked nice and neat in a firewood holder such as this instead of letting them pile up in a messy heap in a corner somewhere. 

Next up: How to get amazing garden results with little effort.

What other ways can you think of to make garden storage easy peasy?

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