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Looking for inspiration for a home or office pantry? Then look no further. A pantry should be functional, full of design and with great storage solutions. As well as looking great, a pantry should also be well integrated with the overall design of the office or home kitchen. With an array of designs and styles to choose from you are sure to find exactly what suits your tastes and needs. From modern, classic to an eclectic design the options are limitless.

Hide and Seek

To go along with a sleek, clutter free, and modern office design, try a pantry that blends right into the walls. This office pantry is fresh, minimalist and ideal for those who want an office that is both functional and fashionable. The kitchen island is a large, white piece with modern silver finishes. The pantry looks like it is literally just the wall, with cupboards that blend right in. This creates a seamless look that doesn't distract from the office. Instead, it is a bright, open and airy place to work, and get a snack.


Apartment v01, dontDIY dontDIY Modern kitchen

Apartment v01


This is the perfect office pantry for a minimalist office. It is sleek and does not take up much space. In fact, while it takes up a wall of the office, it is not overwhelming. The best part about it is the accordion doors, which once opened will hide the entire unit. It then becomes the perfect pantry for the minimalist, functional yet sleek in design and barely there. The unit itself has many shelves for storage, as well as a small sink. The wood tones of the unit also give it a slight retro feel. All in all, it is a great office pantry idea for those who don't want to take up much space but still want high design.

Corner Unit

Heritage, Mowlem&Co Mowlem&Co Modern kitchen



Don't let a corner go to waste, fit a functional office pantry in the corner instead. This pantry fits perfectly in this small corner, creating function out of what could have been a dead space. The pantry opens with two white doors, matching the rest of the kitchen area and also looking chic with the doors closed. The pantry is full of places for storage. There are many drawers for larger items. There's a small counter area for a toaster and meal prep. Then there are countless shelves for sugars and spices and the like. This is a perfect space saver unit for any office pantry design.

Highly Organised

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


This is a great office pantry idea for those who are highly organized and want to pack a lot of things in a small space. This pantry is tucked away in fresh white cupboards. It features many shelves and drawers. There are four drawers at the bottom, perfect for storing silverware and dinnerware. The doors have extra storage for spices, teas and the like. A small microwave fits in the shelving unit, as well as more options to hold food. This pantry makes organization easy, perfect for a busy office.

Stairway Design

For a truly eclectic, and minimalist office pantry, try this look. The pantry consists of a slim table for materials and prep. Above that is a small floating shelf for more storage. The small, light wood floating shelves are truly unique as they are positioned like a staircase. This is a super creative way to display items such as spices and the like. The floating shelves are lined up in the direction of the cupboard unit, providing even more storage in this simple but eclectic office pantry.

Table Top Fun

Classic Contemporary Bespoke Kitchen, Kent Humphrey Munson Classic style kitchen
Humphrey Munson

Classic Contemporary Bespoke Kitchen, Kent

Humphrey Munson

For a super small space, add an office pantry on top of an existing counter top. This pantry may be small in size but is large in function and design value. The pantry rests on top of a counter space with large cabinets underneath. Once opened, the pantry has room for a microwave and prep on the countertop. The doors have spice racks and room for oils. There are also several shelves for miscellaneous items, including sugars and teas and even mugs. This is a great space saver solution for an office pantry.

Open and Modern

This office pantry idea is great for a large, open and modern space. The kitchen area is huge, perfect for a large company. The pantry area consists of an entire wall of shelving and storage, none of it is hidden behind doors. Instead, the open display adds to the style of the room and aids in the ultra chic design. There are many shelves that travel up to the ceiling. They hold a microwave, ovens, and other items necessary for cooking. With all the shelving, there is still room to hold additional items such as spices and sugars. Overall, this modern and chic design  is a great office pantry idea for those wanting to keep it contemporary and open.

Secret Units

Bespoke Liquor & Drinks Cabinet Lisa Melvin Design KitchenStorage
Lisa Melvin Design

Bespoke Liquor & Drinks Cabinet

Lisa Melvin Design

Be clever with an office pantry idea by implementing a pantry that is tucked away with secret units. This office pantry is full of surprises. The front door opens to reveal multiple shelving options. The designer used this area to display glasses and stemware. Other features of this pantry include a large bottom drawer that opens to reveal a cooling unit for drinks. Above that there is a small table too area for prep. Finally there are a couple of shelves, used here for wine bottles. Perfect for office happy hour!

Rustic Design

Try a super unique, rustic, built in office pantry that will be eye catching and creative. This beautiful piece is built into the wall, not taking up much space. The wood is a beautiful, antique tone with black finishes that add more character to the piece. The unit features several cabinets and two small areas with table top. This is perfect for prepping but also looks good to just display a lovely canister of water or bottle of wine. Finally there are several small shelves that are perfect for displaying beautiful vases and such, adding more character to this already gorgeous piece.

Classic Design

Painted kitchen, Clachan Wood Clachan Wood KitchenCabinets & shelves
Clachan Wood

Painted kitchen

Clachan Wood

For a classic office pantry idea, no need to look any further. This small pantry packs a punch with its classic style. The bottom piece has ample table top space, perfecting for holding important items such as a toaster, water boiler and as well as proving ample table prepping space. Above that is a matching shelving unit that can hold many necessary kitchen items while keeping the space organized. The unit is a fresh white with light wood finishes, which keeps the unit, and thus the space looking fresh and airy. This is a perfect office pantry idea for those looking for a great, classic design.

For more pantry ideas, have a look at this Ideabook: 8 ways to stylishly organise your pantry

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