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Creating the perfect relaxing man cave requires certain memorabilia. Adding certain things such as a bar, a pool table and masculine decor can all contribute in adding to the ambience and create the perfect, relaxing room for a man.

A man cave can be created to suit many styles. Perhaps the ultimate home theater is desired?! Or maybe a comfortable bar is better suited. Add details such as hip couches and fun artwork as expressions of personality. These man cave memorabilia ideas will surely inspire anyone looking to create the ultimate den.

Classic pool table

What better piece for a man cave than a cool pool table? This pool table is extra grand and is the focal point of this, or any room. The base of the table is a dark wood colour, with thick legs. The legs and siding of the pool table have a beautiful, carved design. This design makes the table more unique, and also feel more stylish compared to a more basic pool table. This pool table integrates style and fun, and is the perfect man cave memorabilia. 

Flat screen

A must have for any man cave is a flat screen television. Not just any flat screen will do, go all the way and put an extra large screen in the man cave. This screen is the perfect size for entertaining. Watching sport games or even playing video games will feel intense with a screen this size. This screen is fixated in the wall, and looks very much like an actual movie theater screen. For a man cave, it doesn't get much better than this!

Modern bar

The perfect bar is another key element in man cave memorabilia. It will become the center point of all entertaining, so it is important to choose a stylish bar that is full of personality. This bar is hip, modern, and sleek, and will surely be a win with guests. The bar is a smooth, black and silver design. Glass shelves are used to display bottles of alcohol, much like a bar in an actual restaurant. Finally two hip chairs sit at the corner of the bar, great for entertaining guests. The designer chose to set this bar against a white room, which adds to the modern look and really makes the bar stand out.

Ultimate comfort

Seating is ultra important in a man cave, be sure to choose seating options that not only are stylish but are super comfortable. This couch is the perfect man cave memorabilia. It is super large, perfect to seat many guests who come over to watch the big game. There is a chaise lounge at the end of the couch, even better for friends who end up crashing over night. The dark colour of the sofa is extremely masculine, and adds a touch of mystery to the room.

Sound system

A man cave is used to hang out, watch television, drink and talk with friends. A great sound system can be a critical part of taking a man cave from ordinary to creating a space where no one will ever want to leave. This sound system is powerful, yet also stylish. The speakers are a flat piece, and are placed on the wall as if it were a painting. This looks super cool, and modern. Combining function and design is another win for a hip man cave.

Work it out

Love working out? Gym equipment can be a cool man cave memorabilia to add. Chose a machine that looks sleek and modern, like is treadmill, that doesn't take away from the design of the rest of the room. Instead, this treadmill looks like it really belongs with the rest of the decor, and it's modern shape adds to the hip design of the room. Work out, watch television and hang out with friends at the same time. It's the perfect man cave accessory!

Hip chairs

Chairs provide a great opportunity to get creative with man cave decor. These two chairs are the perfect compliment to any man cave. They are lounge chairs in design and shape, perfect for kicking back and relaxing in front of a television. The pattern on the two chairs is what makes them truly unique. They are made from animal skin, and have a great brown and white pattern. The animal skin is very masculine, while also looking stylish. The two chairs stand out and are definetly eye catching. They will become a talking piece for an eclectic man cave.

Wine and more

Class up a man cave by creating a mini wine cellar in the room. This dark wood display is perfect for favourite wines from across the globe. This wine rack serves as wall art, as a dark wood table and seating area is places right next to it. The seating choices add more flavour to the area. There are two dark brown leather chairs and two chairs that look like tree stumps. This creates a lot of texture in the room, adding much style.

Work out center

Everyone has a different idea of that the perfect man cave is. Perhaps for some, it is literally a private gym. This could be an awesome man cave, with its multiple pieces of gym equipment. There is also a small, flatscreen television in a corner, which is great for long work out sessions. Finally the walls and carpet are designed with blue and white colour, keeping the room light and airy while also maintaining its masculinity. There will never be a need to join a gym again!

Cave man

Adding wall decor can bring in a ton of personality to a man cave. Add taxidermy animal heads to the walls for the ultimate masculine look. This room uses several heads for design, including three animals with large antlers. The antlers provide an even more grandiose look. This design continues on with the chandelier, which is made from antlers. It is very unique and eclectic and creates a really interesting, cave like ambience. The rest of the room plays on the colours of the art,  browns and creams to finish off the look. These man cave memorabilia pieces will definitely transform a room into one of high design.

What is your man cave must have piece? Let us know!

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