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Modern wall designs you won't forget

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In our homes we are surrounded by walls that are generally left devoid of any artistic ingenuity. They are simply a blank canvas in neutral and simple tones, but it doesn't have to be this way. Your wall's potential should not remain unexploited.

With some simple paint work you can add new tones and colours to your walls, giving your home a more personalised décor. Of course, painting is not the only way to breathe a new life into your home as there are many modern wall designs you could choose from; creative wallpaper designs to artistic landscapes that would redefine a simple space.

In this article we're going to give you a few inspirational contemporary wall designs and help you tap into their decorative potential.

Don’t forget to take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Wall colors

If you don’t feel like doing anything risky with your walls, simply paint them with new colours. It’s something that's always in vogue, simple and easy to rectify in case you have a change of heart. Nowadays there are myriad different shades you can choose between, from delicious pink quartz to tranquil blue.

If you plan to repaint this spring, you might be interested to discover: The 2016 Colour Trend Is… Rose Quartz.

If your favourite colour is as simple as pure white then that shouldn't deter you from giving your walls a fresh face. White is a timeless choice that can be combined with any other colour, is highly reflective and can add a sense of warmth to your home when used in combination with good light, both natural and artificial, and complementary furnishings and décor.

If you want to add some vibrancy, you can create a bold feature wall, which often looks great behind a feature, such as a sofa or bed, to create a backdrop frame.


If you want to get a little bit more risky with the wall design you could try stripes. 

We're certain you've seen this is home and living magazines or on a home makeover show but, have you ever seriously considered this idea for your own home? There's only one way to find… give it a go! The stripes offer elegant simplicity and can help small spaces feel larger.

Vertical stripes accentuate height whereas horizontal will stretch a room. Not such a good idea for clothing but interior design is a different story!

The secret with a striped designs is to blend the colours harmoniously. You should use at least one neutral hue, such as white, with another colour. There’s also no decorative rules governing whether stripes should be narrow or wide—that's up to personal judgement and preference.

Polka dots

If you want to take your modern wall design one step further, go potty for spotty! 

Polka dotting your walls, either with paint or wallpaper, is a fascinating way to create a dreamy and sophisticated design. You can use anywhere, including your living room, bedroom or child’s nursery. There’s really no limit with a poua design. Well, that’s not entirely true.

If you polka dot all four walls of a room the end result will likely be overwhelming so it’s better to use on just one, to make a feature of the design that's complemented by the rest of the room. And don't forget to match the colour of the polka dots to rest of your interior's décor!

Artistic design

For those with an artistic side, consider creating a wall that's different and utterly unique. 

If you've ever caught yourself admiring street art or graffiti, imagine incorporating this style in your home. Admittedly, this would take guts but in the right space, such as a large wall in an open plan apartment, the conglomeration of colours will bring an industrial and modern feel into your home and gives you the opportunity to stamp more of your personality in the space.

If you like the concept but would prefer something a little less drastic, you could opt for a more discrete illustration, such as depiction of a scene from your favourite book or film or perhaps something more personal.


Another great option for a modern walls design is using fantastic wallpaper

In the realm of wallpaper you can find exquisite representations of landscapes and anything else your mind can imagine. There are companies who will create custom designs, specific to your room's shape and dimensions, that can display an image you particularly like, such as a treasured photograph of a family moment.

Take the living room above, for example, where the sofa in the foreground seems to emerge from the mists of a magical forest at the dawn of day. There's literally no limit to what effect can be created with wallpaper—the only boundaries are the extent of your imagination and ambition!

To see some examples of what we've just been describing: Get Creative With Original Wallpaper Ideas.


Your walls can act as a canvas for your decorative elements. If you own nice artwork, an eye-catching mirror, family photographs or some innovative shelving, let them shine!

Fill the loneliest walls that are most in need of a facelift. This option is the cheapest as you can put things you already have to good use, and the simplest as it will only involve hanging some picture frames or putting up a shelf or two. No paintbrushes or decorating overalls in sight!

Which design inspired you the most? Let us know if you plan or using any of them when you next decorate!

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