Reasons to consider a shower bath combo

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Designing a bathroom always throws up a myriad of issues and chief amongst them is getting the proportions and functionality just right. Professional bathroom designers make it all seem so easy, but for those people that can't afford to hire one or simply want to take control of the space themselves, this guide will prove invaluable, especially in terms of making the dimensions work a whole lot harder.

Installing a bath shower mixer is a fantastically practical solution for any busy household and bath shower screens are so much more stylish than they once were, so there is literally no reason not to consider this course of action. Long gone are the days when a combination bath and shower design was considered to be a bit of a compromise and this guide is going to prove it!

1. A shower bath combo is great for small spaces.

Small bathrooms always seem to be a big bugbear for the people that own them, as there are a lot of practical applications that need to be accounted for, with very little room to manoeuvre. A simple and common sense solution to making space for absolutely everything is installing bath shower mixer taps, as they naturally allow access to both a relaxing bath and a refreshing shower, meaning that every member of the household can bathe the way they want to, without the bathroom itself feeling ever smaller and more cramped.

Shower bath suites are the best of both worlds and require only enough room for the bath tub itself. Best of all is that a smaller or more compact tub design can be chosen, to free up as much floor space as possible and add a clear glass shower bath screen and the whole installation will look neat and orderly, while also being eminently practical.

2. Shower bath installations look neater.

Installing a shower over a bath is, in basic terms, so much neater than having a separate shower cubicle and tub. Think about it and it makes perfect sense. Instead of having a toilet, sink unit, tub AND cubicle all taking up space in a bathroom, one less large installation can be included, without negating on bathing choices.

The neatness of an over-bath shower is impossible to debate, as all that's needed is a simple wall or ceiling-mounted head unit and a mixer tap and neither of these will detract from a beautiful bathroom design aesthetic. The overall orderly finish can be further added to by going without a shower screen too, if a wet room installation is chosen.

3. Shower bath designs work in a minimalist space.

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The Market Design & Build

Isleworth House Loft & Rear Extension

The Market Design & Build

A shower bath combo makes for such a sleek and understated bathroom installation that nothing could be better in a home that has minimalist design principles in place everywhere else. Though there are many bathroom shower ideas to be inspired by, when it comes to minimalist aesthetics, very few really tap into that pure and simple finish, but the same cannot be said for a shower bath combo.

In a pared back white bathroom, elegant and timeless polished or brushed metal shower hardware will almost disappear from view, allowing for a stunningly unfussy and refreshing design to be enjoyed, but without any compromise on usability or variety. 

4. Shower bath combos offer the best of both worlds.

Case Study: Twickenham, Middlesex BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd Modern bathroom
BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd

Case Study: Twickenham, Middlesex

BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd

Busy households, such as family properties, always have a number of different priorities to account for and just as people are usually considered to be either dog or cat folk, so too are there shower and bath people! Because of this, a bathtub shower, makes such good sense, as everybody can bathe in the way that they want to, without the need for either a second bathroom or a cramped space.

A bath tub can feel like a large suite item, but compact variations are freely available and once they are built into a specific wall recess, they blend in beautifully. Adding a shower head hardly disrupts the clean lines either, so it just makes perfect sense to do so.

5. Shower bath designs can encourage creativity.

Combination design, in any room of the house, elevates creativity levels no end and in terms of a shower bath combo installation, the possibilities are fantastically endless. From feature tiles around the tub through to pretty shower screens or curtains, integrated storage and eye-catching hardware, a one-stop bathing area can be brought to life and the genius amplified with only a few personal touches.

Just because shower bath designs are innovative and space-saving by their very nature, it doesn't mean that they can't be given the VIP treatment. Subtlety is not for everyone, after all.

6. Shower bath combos can look modern or traditional.

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House Renovation London Ltd

House renovation and House Extension project Cornwall Grove W4

House Renovation London Ltd

Finally, shower bath combos really are as varied as can be, meaning that they can appeal to everyone, regardless of whether a traditional or a contemporary aesthetic is wanted. 

In a more old fashioned or heritage bathroom, polished hardware, an antique mixer tap handle and a fixed shower screen will work tremendously well and on the flip side, unusual shower head shapes, glass screens and inset lighting will contribute to a more modern finish. Whichever style is chosen, the functionality will remain excellent and demonstrate an ability to make the most of every inch of interior space.

Are you seriously considering combining your shower and bath functions into one installation now?

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