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The pros and cons of different flooring ideas

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Need to lay down some new ground surfaces in your home? Well, then you probably already know that there’s a heap of options up for consideration: carpet, wood, vinyl, stone… the list goes one!

Once upon a time carpet was chosen for the majority of a house’s rooms. But with trends changing (and professional floorers becoming cleverer and more creative), one can now sit for hours sifting through all the available flooring ideas.

However, just because there are so many choices to consider doesn’t mean that the first option is necessarily the best. For example, carpet can be great for a living room, yet less popular for a wet space like a bathroom. 

So, to help guide you through this very important process, we at homify have taken the liberty of selecting the top flooring choices and neatly spreading out their pros and cons. 

When it comes to flooring ideas, it doesn’t get any easier than this guide…

1. Flooring ideas: Wood

Pillarless corner creates an open interface between outside and in John Gauld Photography Modern houses
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Pillarless corner creates an open interface between outside and in

John Gauld Photography

Pros: Planning on reselling your home? Then wooden floors are one of the best choices, as they make a considerable difference to a house’s final selling price. Wooden floors are warm, timeless and classic, not to mention very desirable. 

Cons: Wooden floors are some of the most costly options, seeing as they are so desirable. They are also more likely to scratch, stain, and fade in sunlight than other floors. And once too much moisture is added, wooden floors can damage or warp.

2. Flooring ideas: Carpets

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Crown Floors

Pros: Nothing adds a warmer, cosier and more comfy feeling to a home than carpet. In terms of flooring ideas, carpet is also the best for noise- and heat insulators, particularly with thickly padded, dense carpets stretching from wall to wall. And let’s not forget about the huge variety of styles, colours, sizes, textures and patterns that carpets provide. You are also likely to find the perfect carpet design based on your personal preference and budget. 

Cons: Unfortunately, carpets are not very durable and are quite susceptible to wearing and tearing. Think of how easily they absorb stains, meaning cleaning can be tricky. It is recommended to vacuum them at least once a week, and opt for an annual deep cleaning. This helps prevent them from looking worn-out and dirty.

3. Flooring ideas: Bamboo

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Oxwich Natural Strand Bamboo

Woodpecker Flooring

Pros: Searching for kitchen flooring ideas? How about bamboo? One of the most eco-friendliest options, bamboo grows so quickly it’s a good, sustainable source for flooring. Its strength is also a highlight; however, just be sure to opt for a reputable brand with a long warranty when bamboo shopping. The quality of the bamboo is usually reflected by the warranty’s length. 

Cons: Some bamboo flooring can dent easily, which is why you need to take your time shopping around, looking at different samples and talking to flooring professionals.

4. Flooring ideas: Laminate

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Pros: Laminate flooring is perfect for those who want a floor that looks like wood, yet isn’t prone to all those scratches. They are hard-wearing, low-maintenance options that are easy to clean, look good, and work quite well with underfloor heating.

Cons: Laminate floors are not great with high humidity areas. In addition, they can also be quite hard and cold (if not heated properly, of course).

5. Flooring ideas: Tiles

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Pros: Tile floors share the same classic, timeless vibe as hardwood flooring. But tiles can be much cheaper while also boosting the resale value of your house. Best of all: they are the best water-resistant option, making them a breeze to clean, plus perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Cons: Tiles are generally one of the colder flooring ideas, meaning they’re not great to have throughout a home. They can also be more difficult to install than other floors, which is why this options can be more expensive. And while cleaning is easy, keeping that grout looking spick and span can be challenging.

6. Flooring ideas: Concrete

Pros: Durable; resistant to moisture; a contemporary vibe that can fit into just about any modern home – that’s concrete flooring! Even the busiest kitchen can be styled up with concrete flooring, as endless amounts of stampeding won’t do any harm. 

Concrete comes available in various finishes to give it a customised look. And all concrete options can be stained, polished, stencilled and waxed for a bespoke design.

Cons: Concrete is hard, sure, but it can feel even harder in areas where prolonged standing is required. It can also be quite cold, susceptible to stains, and require re-sealing to keep it looking brand new. 

homify hint: For the UK’s colder climate, consider adding radiant floor heating beneath your concrete to warm up its cold surface.

7. Flooring ideas: Stone

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DT Stone Ltd

Pros: Stone flooring presents an array of options, with marble, travertine and slate winning the popularity race. And thanks to stone’s pattern and colour variation, it gives a room a unique, earthy look – ideal for rustic kitchens, for example. 

Stone can be cool, which is perfect for hot climates, but should you love the idea of stone floors in a colder climate, simply add sub-floor radiant heat to warm it up. 

Cons: Although stone floors are easy to clean, certain stone may stain. That’s why routine sealing is advised, especially as more fragile options (like slate) can chip easily.

8. Flooring ideas: Vinyl

Open-plan living room with eclectic furnishings leading into kitchen Timothy James Interiors Eclectic style living room Wood Grey
Timothy James Interiors

Open-plan living room with eclectic furnishings leading into kitchen

Timothy James Interiors

Pros: Price is absolutely vinyl’s most appealing factor, as it’s very cheap and easy to install. It also has a high durability factor and, much like laminate flooring, is easy to clean and water resistant. Although it’s quite soft, vinyl flooring stands up quite well to foot traffic and can also help muffle sound in a room.

Cons: Too much sun exposure can fade or damage vinyl floors. This makes it better suited for indoor areas. Always keep sharp objects away from vinyl floors, and remember that heavy objects can also easily dent those surfaces.

Next up: The “always and never” guide to hardwood floor maintenance.

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