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Bedroom The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom
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It’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it…

Yes, even the tiniest of cramped spaces can still be turned into a must-see room with the right design touches, and that includes that oh-so small bedroom you retreat to at the end of each day. That’s why we’ve gathered these box room ideas (with the help of seasoned interior designers and decorators), to help you enjoy a comfortable (and beautiful) bedroom, which also incorporate useful study- and storage areas.

Let’s take a look at how the homify users do it…

1. Choose a peaceful palette

Ascot White 4ft6 Double Bed The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom
The Cotswold Company

Ascot White 4ft6 Double Bed

The Cotswold Company

Make your box room seem bigger by limiting the colour palette. If you use similar hues on walls, furnishings and bedding, that small bedroom will look much bigger and brighter. How so? Because the lines between the different elements will be blurred, causing your eye to move much easier around the room.

homify hint: To add interest to your small bedroom (and avoid a too clinical look), inject some pops of contrasting colours, like a scatter cushion in bright orange or a floor rug in a lush green.

2. Light up your box room

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom



No list with box room ideas can be complete without mentioning lighting. And just like a pale colour palette, soft light coming from several directions will help blur the edges of the room, making that tiny bedroom feel larger and more welcoming.

3. Let natural light in

Our box room ideas for lighting also include good ol’ sunshine. That’s why you need to keep your window treatment to a minimum in a small bedroom so that natural light can do its work and brighten up the space a bit. 

For adequate privacy, you can add plain roller blinds or hang flat panels of lace or voile.

4. Double up on visual space with mirrors

Just like your small entryway (or any other area in the house), that box room can seem bigger with the right mirror(s). That’s because mirrors have the unique ability to act like additional windows.

Hanging several smaller ones in a group (think of it as a mirror gallery) can bring in visual interest. Hanging one large mirror will instantly create the illusion of more space.

5. Go up

Jack Bunk Beds ASPACE Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs

Jack Bunk Beds


One of the easiest ways to free up floor space in a tiny bedroom is to raise the bed off the floor. This trick is especially popular with children’s rooms. 

Bunk beds can help spare some vital legroom for storage space or furnishings, or to leave the floor completely bare, which will make that tiny box room look (and feel) a bit bigger.

6. Repeat a single motif

For small bedroom designs, one needs to be careful with patterns. That’s why we recommend choosing one single motif (like a heart, botanical print, floral design, or whatever) and running with it. 

Use it in two or three forms, such as artwork, accessories and textiles, in varying sizes throughout the room. The cohesive and contained scheme that results will free your space of clutter and confusion.

7. Make your headboard do double duty

Gone are the days when a headboard’s only job was to look pretty. For a box room or small bedroom, use that headboard to help with storage space. And thanks to clever designs that can be scoped out online and in furniture stores (such as headboards with built-in shelving or bedside tables), one needn’t look too far for ideas.

8. Storage under the bed

Oakland 4ft 6 Double Bed The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom
The Cotswold Company

Oakland 4ft 6 Double Bed

The Cotswold Company

Small bedrooms are usually short on storage, which is why you need to take advantage of every millimetre of wasted space. Anything from large baskets and plastic bins to built-in drawers under the bed can create easy-to-use storage compartments, making child’s play of shoes, seasonal clothing, toys, or anything else that can easily clutter up a bedroom.

9. A double-duty desk

New York City Family Home JKG Interiors Classic style bedroom Solid Wood Blue
JKG Interiors

New York City Family Home

JKG Interiors

Usually we don’t recommend combining a study area and bedroom, but when one’s pressed for space, we’re willing to make an exception. 

Scope out a small desk to place next to your bed, letting it perform double duty as an oversized nightstand, as well as a work surface and/or makeup station (when paired with a small chair).

10. Make use of vertical space

Why are you letting that unused air space go to waste? Install some floating shelves to help hold a multitude of books and magazines in your box room. Another idea is to hang small buckets and baskets on mountable rods to keep small, miscellaneous items out of the way.

11. Create a feature wall

Grey Owl Pixers Country style bedroom Green

Grey Owl


There’s no limit to what striking wallpaper or some eye-catching paint colours can achieve in a small space. Allow one single wall in your tiny bedroom to become the main focus point (usually we choose the wall against which the bed stands, as it already draws the eye upon entering). 

homify hint: Opt for mostly white/neutral-hued bed linen so that your small bedroom’s colour scheme isn’t overly busy. That’ll make the introduction of a vibrant focal wall even more smashing.

12. Bring in baskets

Farmhouse Ivory 5 Drawer Chest The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom Wood White
The Cotswold Company

Farmhouse Ivory 5 Drawer Chest

The Cotswold Company

An old dresser with cubby holes or a floating shelf against the wall… whichever you opt for, add a few wicker baskets (to bring in a touch of rustic design), and see how your box room’s commitment to storage rises.

13. Window treatments that wow

Know how you can create the illusion of a taller room? By hanging the curtains higher! Install rods close to the ceiling and hang long curtains that stretch all the way down to the floor. 

homify hint: Make your box room’s windows look larger by hanging a rod that is much wider than the window. Then arrange your curtains so they cover just a small bit of the window frame and a large portion of the wall on either side.

14. Less is more

Hillgate Place, Notting Hill Grand Design London Ltd Minimalist bedroom
Grand Design London Ltd

Hillgate Place, Notting Hill

Grand Design London Ltd

Never underestimate the style power of the minimalist design. This trick is especially helpful in small bedrooms, where symmetry becomes your friend and you want to strip back to essentials. 

Focus on pale colour palettes, opt for slim furniture pieces, put more emphasis on empty space rather than decorative elements, stay away from ornate furnishings, and see how that small bedroom becomes visually bigger!

Speaking of stylish sleeping spaces, see these Brilliant ideas for bedside tables.

15. Go for a holiday feel

If you have a tiny book room to decorate, just consider how you'd want your ideal hotel room to look like. Sure, there are some downsides to box bedrooms, but remembering that even the smallest of hotel rooms can feel luxurious might help you to figure out a design. Here, the look is simple with a Mediterranean-inspired look. We love the window shutters and the touch of blue that the bedding brings to the room.

If you want to go for a similar look, you may want to hire an interior designer who knows how to keep things simple and chic.

16. Get artsy

Bedroom | Home renovation in North London The White Interior Design Studio Small bedroom
The White Interior Design Studio

Bedroom | Home renovation in North London

The White Interior Design Studio

While one of the goals of this room was to bring in a lot of light, it really steals the show with a bit of artwork on the shelf above the bed. The white bedding is very simple while the shelf adds a small detail and adds structure to the wall. We love the space-saving technique of adding small shelves to decorate a small room.

Adding decorations such as artwork, books, or plants can add a lot of life to a room. White bedding and white walls can certainly help to make a room appear larger and more lit up, but do remember to add some sort of contrast or color back in. Injecting that little bit of personality into your room will do wonders for your wellbeing.

If you need more bedroom inspiration, consider these small bedroom design ideas — they might even help you with your box room bedroom ideas!

Got any other tips to make a tiny box room come to life? Share in our comments space below...

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