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Interior design isn't a dark art or a secret science, it merely requires you to know a few basics and from there, you can go on to create beautiful, fully cohesive rooms easily and quickly. You might think we are being a little optimistic, but we're really not!

Beginner's interior design is as simple as remembering six key steps and luckily for you, we have created this article especially to tell you what they are. As long as you follow these steps, you won't go wrong and your home will be a testament to your design talents!

Keep everything unfussy

Why try anything too complicated to start with? The cornerstone of great design is usually simplicity, need or a combination of the two, so try to remember that when you are deciding how to redecorate a room. 

We think this bedroom, from Pedro Quintela Studio, is the perfect example of a simple bedroom, designed and decorated beautifully. Nothing looks over the top or there just for show and the space as a whole feels natural, calm and at one with itself. By sticking to a simple colour scheme, the design team have been able to avoid the pitfall of making the room look too busy. Inspiring!

Make a comprehensive plan

Don't see planning as a chore, think of it as the really fun part, whereby you can sketch out all your ideas, see if they will work and fine tune them until you are 100% happy with what you have mapped out. Beginner's interior design essentially makes you slow the process down and really give a lot of consideration to every element before it is implemented.

It's fun to keep all your sketches, as you can see how your design skills have developed and changed through each project. You'll be surprised by how quickly you master certain things!

Balance each room

Don't think that you can't embrace some boldness, just because you are just getting to grips with beginner's interior design! You can totally try your hand at something a little more eye-catching and daring, as long as you maintain a balance in the room. 

This dining room is no wallflower, but by balancing the bold blue walls with a rich dark wood floor and a matching table, a perfect balance has been achieved whereby the blue looks like the natural choice. Had paler wood been used, this scheme wouldn't have worked at all!

Keep your spaces harmonious

Beginner's interior design should really focus on making rooms look beautiful, while still being easy to navigate and move through and that's where harmonious design comes into play. Regardless of what wall colours or sofas you choose, you need to make sure that you can easily move from one side of the room to the other, without encountering too many difficulties or obstacles.

Harmonious design allows your rooms to feel uncluttered and well laid out, whereas rooms that feel like an assault course will always leave a lasting impression of poor consideration and negligible use of space.

Maintain functionality

When you're experimenting and having fun with beginner's interior design techniques, it is incredibly easy to get carried away so that you overshadow all the functionality of designated room with fancy touches, amazing wall coverings and luxury accessories. You must not give in to this temptation.

Always have a clear image in your mind of what a room is designed to do, that way you can be sure that the usability of the space will be a top priority for you, as well as trying out some funky design and decoration ideas. Function first, style second!

Try adding some trends

When you feel like you are finding your feet and getting the hang of beginner's interior design, why not step it up a gear and start imitating some trends?

Do a little research and find out what accessories will work within your home and add slowly. Statement lights, feature walls and accent colours are all great starting points and shouldn't let you run into dangerous territory too quickly!

For more beginner's tips, take a look at this Ideabook: The Secrets Of Painting A Wall Evenly. Why plan a project if you can't execute it perfectly?

Is there a facet of interior design that still scares you? Tell us and we'll try to tackle it for you!

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