Experimenting with Feng Shui in the bedroom

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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that seeks to harmonise individuals with their surroundings so it stands to reason that interior design has embraced certain principles that it teaches. Not only can you create a stunning, relaxing home, you can feel a deeper benefit from it and allow it to really permeate every facet of your life. We love trying something new, so count us in!

From embracing natural materials through to staying focused on the room's inherent functionality, we are going to show you how you can add some Feng Shui décor to your bedroom and start feeling a little more connected to your home. 

Install organic flooring

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

To make and maintain a deeper connection to your bedroom, we don't think there is a better place to start than by installing natural, organic flooring. After all, it will be literally grounding you in your new philosophical leanings and tying you to nature whenever you walk around!

We think this room, from Bloomint Design, has perfectly captured exactly what Feng Shui décor is all about. That rich, dark natural wood floor is balanced by the roof beams and everything in between is light, airy and calm. We think we're feeling more spiritual already!

Don't use monochrome styling

While a black and white colour scheme might be classic, it isn't what Feng Shui décor is all about. Not at all. The stark contrasts are the total opposite of the soft harmony and natural blending that Feng Shui really seeks to encourage, so step away from the bold end of the spectrum!

Opting for softer, more powdery, pastel tones, that all work together in nature, will allow for a far more pleasant and welcoming space, with each tone simply leading into the next with a gentle sway. Nature really is your best source of inspiration for colours that work together, so why not get out into the garden?

Choose the right bed

You might be excited about embracing a little more Feng Shui décor in your bedroom, but you won't want to do so at the detriment of your own tastes, personal style or preferred furniture, so we understand that choosing the perfect bed is still a really important factor. 

Try to find something made from wood, as this constant connection to organic materials will keep you in line with your new philosophy, but also be aware of comfort. Being grounded in nature is one thing, but if you can't sleep, you won't be feeling the benefit of your newly invigorated space.

Keep the room tidy

Before we start, we want to make it perfectly clear that we don't think this is a tip that should only be followed by those of you looking to inject some Feng Shui décor into your bedroom! This is something that everyone can benefit from, as a healthy body and mind stem from a tidy and usable home!

When you are trying to adopt some Feng Shui practices into your home, the importance of tidiness cannot be underestimated. You need your mind clear, your space responsive to your needs and easy access to organic materials, none of which will be possible if you have emptied your wardrobe onto the floor!

Position your mirrors well

According to those that practice the lifestyle, Feng Shui décor should make good use of mirrors and in the case of your bedroom, you might be a little surprised by where you are supposed to install them! Cheeky thoughts aside, Feng Shui dictates that a bedroom mirror should be placed in view of the bed, so those who are tucked in can see themselves.

We assume this is to help you reflect on the day, your mindset and give you the opportunity to muse on how you would like to approach tomorrow, but we aren't totally sure we would want to wake up and see ourselves before we had time to grab a hairbrush!

Don't have a television

Finally, we come to a really important bit of advice. For a bedroom that is restful, calming and full of Feng Shui décor power, you absolutely cannot install a television. Nothing more than a distraction tool, a television will actually set your progress back, so embrace the peace, get to understand why you like to be distracted and instead of using entertainment to lull you to sleep, try tuning into your breath instead. We'll have you doing yoga before you know it too!

For more relaxing bedroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Key To Cosy And Relaxing Bedrooms. It can't be just us that are feeling sleepy now…

Are you keen to inject some Feng Shui style into your home? Tell us how you plan to start!

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