The SW1 Palace Built for Two

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Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge, ÜberRaum Architects ÜberRaum Architects Modern style bedroom
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It's no secret that Knightsbridge is one of the most exclusive boroughs in London, but when you take a look at this spectacular two bedroom apartment, you'll really understand why!

The design team in charge of this fabulous refurbishment are quoted as revealing, ’Ennismore Gardens is one of the most prestigious garden squares within London’s prime postcodes. ÜberRaum Architects were appointed as architects and interior designers to realise the high-end refurbishment of a large flat in one of the magnificent period townhouses (built 1860s) facing the square. After renovation, the two-bedroom apartment in this listed building complex benefits from a 20% increase of floor size, thanks to a newly built glassed winter garden, and boasts a classy combination of original features and contemporary design throughout.’

We are pretty sure your interest was piqued just by the postcode, but now you know there is a glassed winter garden, we know you can't wait to get a closer look!

Traditional beauty

Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge ÜberRaum Architects Modern houses
ÜberRaum Architects

Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge

ÜberRaum Architects

If we asked you to describe a typical high-end London townhouse, we feel confident that you would be painting a picture of this stunning property. From the pillars to the large front door and custom ironwork, we think this is nothing short of quintessential London luxury in building form.

ÜberRaum Architects were asked to create something extremely special inside this property and we feel sure that this divine exterior played a direct role in influencing the final design. Regardless of eccentric requests, this is still a slice of tradition and must be treated as such!

Charmingly situated

Surprisingly spacious for a London apartment, this wonderful sitting room gives just a little hint as to the character of the residents and the care that has been invested into every fine detail. Intricate coving, perfectly polished parquet flooring and demure furnishing all maintain the elegance that this postcode naturally demands.

From here, we can see the new addition to the side of the property, but we aren't going to show you that just yet. Good things come to those that wait!

Gorgeous outlook

Bedroom with bespoke joinery ÜberRaum Architects Modern style bedroom
ÜberRaum Architects

Bedroom with bespoke joinery

ÜberRaum Architects

With a luxurious view out into the square, it is no wonder that this room has been selected as the master bedroom. What else could it possibly be? Though not enormous in size, it is more than grandiose in stature and attitude, with muted walls, decorative coving and lashings of rich dark wood all interplaying to create a luxurious room.

We are loving the original features here too, with window shutters neatly negating the need for curtains or blinds and keeping everything wonderfully simple and elegant.

The big reveal

We should have guessed that a walled winter garden referred to a beautiful glazed extension and now that we know, it takes away none of the magic. The ideal spot for adding a dining table and some designer lighting, we can imagine this being a wonderfully sociable area, regardless of the time of year.

Glass extensions really do make easy work of adding extra valuable space, without detracting from original styling too much. It should be inconceivable for a townhouse such as this one to accept a modern extension and yet it has, with no complaints!

Managing the space

Hallway and kitchen window ÜberRaum Architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
ÜberRaum Architects

Hallway and kitchen window

ÜberRaum Architects

When you have a number of small rooms within a property, it can be a challenge to make them feel any bigger or less claustrophobic, but the design team here have found a wonderful way to do just that. By opening up the walls and adding large glazing segments, not only does the apartment take on a far more open plan feel, it makes the kitchen seem a whole lot larger too. 

We really like this corner section, as it ties in so cleanly with the winter garden area and happily reinforces that this is a design choice that the apartment can not only handle, but also make its own.

Luxury on tap

You weren't expecting the bathroom to be any less amazing than the rest of the apartment, were you? While it might be on the demure side, it has still sought to be bold in its choice of materials, so we are loving the great expanses of heavy, dark marble and the gold hardware.

We don't think anything simpler would have looked quite as perfect here, so bathroom luxe is a fantastic choice and we think, a great note to end this look around on. We're sure you are inspired enough already!

For more luxury home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Luxury Living Room Furniture Sets You'll Love. If you are wondering how to bring some of this glamour into your home, we think this will help!

Did you think the winter garden added something special? Tell us your favourite part of this luxury home!

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