​The best bedroom colour ideas for a trendy look

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Pixers Rainbow Pixers Minimalist bedroom Pink
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We all know how colour can dramatically change a room’s appearance, but did you know that it also affects your mood? Colour psychology teaches us that our heartbeats, stress rankings and even hunger levels can be influenced by the main colour palette in a room, which is usually the one splashed all over the walls.

But of course a room’s colour scheme is also determined by other additions like the furnishings and décor, used to beautifully enhance the main colour palette (and, subconsciously, influence how we feel and think). 

And since our bedrooms are the main spaces that are meant to energise and relax us, we thought: why not do an article on the most popular bedroom colour ideas?  

These colour options are not only meant to stimulate one’s senses, but will also ensure a trendy look – after all, who wants an outdated sleeping space?

1. Bedroom colour ideas: Daringly dark

La Nouva Residence Ori - Architects Modern style bedroom

La Nouva Residence

Ori - Architects

Who says whites and sunny yellows are the only options for a bedroom? If modern bedroom colour ideas have taught us anything, it’s that it can definitely pay off to be a bit daring with darker hues. 

So, how about transforming your bedroom into a sophisticated and grown-up space by crossing over to the dark side of the colour spectrum? Navy, charcoal, olive, dark grey and even full-on black are all popular options when it comes to flaunting an elegant look, no matter what the space. 

homify hint: Painting just the panelling or feature wall and leaving the rest of the bedroom in a white (or much softer colour) will definitely soften that bold choice of colour.

2. Bedroom colour ideas: Blue and white

SS16 Style Guide - Coastal Elegance - Bedroom LuxDeco Country style bedroom Blue

SS16 Style Guide—Coastal Elegance—Bedroom


There are multiple reasons why the nautical design theme has managed to stay trendy for so long, and one of them is the exquisite pairing of blues and whites. 

Whether it’s a wingback chair in the corner, the bed’s linen, a floor rug or a full-blown colour palette, blue is a powerful hue which gives bedrooms a clean, fresh finish. 

Keep in mind: the darker blue you opt for, the more rich and royal your bedroom’s vibe will seem, and the more powerful that contrast between blue and white will become. For a softer, more beach-side look, cross over into the tranquil realm of baby blues and turquoises. Be sure to accessorise your blue-and-white palette with white ceramics, driftwood, and natural materials like rope, rattan or wicker. 

And don’t be scared to bring in patterns!

3. Bedroom colour ideas: Colours that complement one another

Colourful boys bedroom LLI Design Modern style bedroom
LLI Design

Colourful boys bedroom

LLI Design

Take a look at any colour wheel: those colours on opposite ends are what we call “complementary colours” and they always go together. 

Take blue and orange, for example. Mixing these two ensures an energetic, playful combination that’s as funky as it is popular. Even Mother Nature uses these two together on a daily basis with the sunset and blue sky. 

To pull it off successfully, include accessories and furniture in a similar palette. You want your orange-and-blue palette to be visually flowing, not clashing. 

Finish off this bedroom colour look with a few paler pieces (i.e. white, soft grey) to give the space a modern edge that is completely liveable.

4. Bedroom colour ideas: Warm tones with wood

Parisian style Pixers Classic style bedroom Beige

Parisian style


Wood is not just for rustic-style spaces. One of the most popular material options for any design, wood is especially welcome in the minimalist, modern and Scandinavian styles. 

To pull off a grown-up look for your warm-and-wood bedroom colour, pair up those wooden surfaces (such as a walnut veneer headboard, oak bedside tables, etc.) with warm earthy- and neutral hues like beiges, soft browns, dusty greys, etc. We also recommend bringing in natural linens and layered fabrics (such as knitted throws and tactile cushions). Complete the look with a splash of white (or off-white) here and there in a form of a patterned scatter cushion or subtle rug.

5. Bedroom colour ideas: Vibrant greens

UNDER THE PALM LEAF Pixers BedroomAccessories & decoration



Like any colour under the sun, green is available in thousands of different hues, each with its own little character and look. Just think about how powerful and rich emerald green seems, while a mint green has a softer and subtler attitude. 

Whether you choose to stick to crisp whites with green accents or splash up your entire room in a green palette, the end result will definitely be a bedroom that’s come alive.

For a summery look, pack in a few splashes of vibrant pinks and friendly yellows in your bedroom colour palette.  

homify hint: Too scared to splash that daring green all over your walls? An upholstered headboard is another option, which is also a great idea for adding a botanical print to your bedroom.

6. Bedroom colour ideas: Gorgeous greys

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors - House in Northwood, London Adelina Iliev Photography Modern style bedroom
Adelina Iliev Photography

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors—House in Northwood, London

Adelina Iliev Photography

A grey room doesn’t have to seem dark or cold. When done right, the end result can be über stylish. 

Greys actually work really well against other shades of grey in different textures. Imagine a soft grey wall (cloud grey) paired with a darker upholstered headboard (smoke grey) and an off-white ottoman in the corner with a light damask pattern – absolutely timeless! 

Don’t forget to include layers of blankets and throws in various hues to ensure texture and interest. For an extra touch of softness, add a dash of whites, creams or pinks.

7. Bedroom colour ideas: White that wows

Capri Fairtrade Organic Cotton Duvet Cover King of Cotton BedroomTextiles Cotton White
King of Cotton

Capri Fairtrade Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

King of Cotton

Forget about white being a hospital colour – when done correctly, an all-white bedroom scheme will ooze glamour. 

Start off with an oversized lace-pattern wallpaper (if those motifs are very soft, almost watermarks, you can go really big without making the room seem busy). Next, bring in a giant MDF (medium-density fibreboard) headboard painted glossy white for ultra shine. 

To free up space, we recommend floating shelves as bedside tables and low-hung pendants. 

Then add all-white bed linen, but be sure to layer it up with fluffy pillowcases, cushions and throws that sport lace or crochet details. Various textures and patterns are the key ingredients that will take your all-white bedroom from clinical to elegant.

8. Bedroom colour ideas: Pink’s not just for girls

The Pink Mother-of-Pearl Pixers Minimalist bedroom Pink

The Pink Mother-of-Pearl


Pink can be as girly (bubblegum pink) or as elegant (crepe pink) as you wish. Crepe, blush and flamingo hues flaunt a romantic touch, plus their underlying beige tones prevent them from being overly shocking. 

Make these grown-up hues even more modern by teaming them up with fresh white furnishings and décor. How about painting wide stripes in white and pink on your bedroom walls for pattern and character? 

To complement that blushing colour, add some copper accents in the form of bedside tables.

With these bedroom colour ideas in mind, you are well on your way to achieving a trendy, grown-up look for your sleeping space. 

The more you know, right? Let’s have a look at Interior inspiration: Finding colours that go together.

Would you pick one of these bedroom colour ideas or do you have another?

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